3 Things I Drink to Look and Feel My Best + My Beet Juice Recipe



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My lifestyle is a series of daily habits and routines. From the things I eat to my daily skincare routines and even my workouts, I thrive on my rituals. One thing I can say is consistency creates results and it’s never to late to start a healthy habit. On that note, here are three things I drink to look and feel my best.

beet juice recipe

3 Things I Drink to Look and Feel My Best

  1. Warm Water with Lemon (check out my blog 5 reasons to Drink Warm Water with Lemon Every Morning for the recipe)
  2. Athletic Greens AG1: Last year I did something I never thought I’d do. I stopped drinking Amazing Grass Wheat Grass supplement. In it’s place, I started drinking Athletic Greens AG1. As many of you know, I have been drinking wheat grass daily for well over 10 years. So why did I switch? Well, it’s simple. I’m always trying to make my supplement routine as efficient and effective as possible. When I realized I could replace both my daily vitamin and wheat grass with one product but also get added prebiotics, probiotics, synbiotics, superfoods, adaptogens, digestive enzymes, minerals and more, it was a no brainer. And I must say, after drinking wheat grass (which tastes a bit earthy) for so many years, the passion fruit flavor of AG1 is a tastier option. For added benefits, I like to add my Roots Apothecary inflammation, ashwagandha, and immune boost tinctures to my drink.

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3. Beet Juice: Beets have antioxidants, help lower blood pressure, and are a good source of potassium, iron, folate (a B vitamin), vitamin C, magnesium, zinc and other minerals. Beet juice can also improve your stamina, so it’s great to drink before working out! Check out my beet juice recipe below.

Beet Juice Recipe

Serving Size: 2 – 18 oz juices


      • 2 Beets
      • 4 carrots
      • 2 green apples
      • 1 grapefruit with peel removed (or 2-3 oranges)
      • 1 cucumber
      • 2″ fresh ginger (I like it spicy but you can reduce if you want less spice)

Directions: Juice all of the ingredients using a juicer and that’s it! Enjoy :))

What I drink to feel and look my best


Can you use a blender or food processer?  Technically you can, but it’s not ideal. For starters, blenders and food processers aren’t designed to extract juice. With a blender, you’ll end up with something that has more of a smoothie consistency. That means you’ll have an extra step to strain the juice. You would also need to peel and chop your fruits and veggies whereas with a juicer you don’t have to peel and with some juicers you don’t even have to chop much.

What juicer do you use? I have the J2 juicer from namawell.com. With a price tag of $550 it’s definitely an investment piece so I’d only recommend this if you’re an avid juicer. I had a Breville juicer for at least 8 years that served me very well. I like that Breville has several different models and price options, so it’s a great starter juicer for someone who isn’t ready to spend too much.

With that said, I’m very pleased with my Nama juicer purchase. With my Breville juicer, I had to manually feed my chopped fruits and veggies one at a time into the juicer, but the J2 allows me to add my veggies into the chamber all at once so I don’t have to chop as much (e.g. I can add an entire apple into the chamber). The J2 is also much quieter than my old juicer. But most of all, I love that since it’s cold pressed, I can make juice up to 48 hours in advance (72 hours if I’m pushing it) vs. my old juicer that needed to be consumed the same day. This is a game changer for my busy mornings!

Where are your juicing bottles from? Amazon! Shop them here: Glass Juicing Bottles

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or dietician. I’m sharing what works for me, but be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any supplements or making changes to your diet.

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