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I’ve found that caring well for myself in one area leads to caring well for myself as a whole. When I thoughtfully choose my outfit, I feel amazing. When I feel confident and sexy in my own body, I want to nourish it with a healthy diet and care for it with a fitness regimen. When I take good care of my body on the inside, I want to take good care of it on the outside with clean beauty. A holistic approach to beauty and health changes everything - so I’m passionate about all of it!

I’m passionate about many things - because who says you can’t have it all? 

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Skincare in My 40s

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Retinol 101

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Skincare 101

a few favorite skincare resources

I’m passionate about skin care because I’m passionate about my body. After all, skin is our largest organ - and the more I learn about my skin and what lies beneath it, the more I want to nourish myself from the inside out. Over the years, I’ve seen the life-changing benefits of using natural, chemical-free products and incorporating dry brushing and other self-care techniques. I’ve found that caring for your skin can be the catalyst to caring for your whole self. 

All things skincare

My goal is sustaining a clean lifestyle, and that includes the way I fuel my body. While I am not strictly vegan or vegetarian, the majority of my diet is plant-based.


I spotted my first greys at 23, and I decided early on to embrace my silver stripes and natural texture. No chemicals or rod setting here!

When did you start to go grey? Do you dye your hair? 

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What are your must-have products? 

I'm 43 - and I love embracing life as a mature, confident black woman.

How old are you?

At the heart of everything I do, you’ll find connection. As a mother to adult children who knows a thing or two about single parenting, a black woman working in a capacity that is truly uncommon — both in corporate aviation and my former career as a L.A. based interior designer, and a wellness expert who loves to watch others glow from the inside out, I hope you feel like we’re truly friends. I’d love to sit down with each of you and share stories, recipes, and beauty tips, and The Tennille Life gives me space to do just that. I want to create space for all of us to gain confidence in our natural beauty, build sustainable wellness in our lives, and grow in kindness for ourselves as we care for those around us. 

I’m so grateful you’re here.

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I’m a clean beauty expert, a plant-based recipe guru, a fashion maven, and a mature black woman embracing my natural hair, silver streaks and all.

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