Top Beauty Products of 2016 – Essentials I’ll Repurchase in 2017



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How often do you actually finish a beauty product let alone re-purchase the same items?? You guys are probably just like me, buying and trying new products that were a total waste!! Well in 2016 I tried soooo many new products and now I’m sharing some of my new staple favorites: “Top Beauty Products of 2016” that I will definitely buy again in 2017!!

Top Beauty Products of 2016



Glossier Milky Cleanser Face Wash
My sensitive skin loves this gentle face wash so much that I’ve signed up for the automatic refill program through Glossier. It removes dirt, oil, and makeup with ease, leaving my skin oh so smooth. This product can be used dry or wet and then simply rinse with warm water.

Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Mask
This detoxifying mask is literally a “salad” for your face!! I’m all about nourishing ingredients for beauty products and this mask makes the cut. Made with kaolin clay it draws out impurities and removes oils – without drying out your skin. A few of the beautiful ingredients include: leafy greens like spinach & parsley, bitter orange peel, avocado oil, and superfruit antioxidants.

Radha Organic Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil has been a lifeblood essential for my skin care routine for the past 5 or so years. However, this year I switched to the Rahda brand and couldn’t be happier!! Each bottle contains a generous amount of 100% pure organic rosehip oil at great price. In a previous post I detailed the rewarding long term benefits of rosehip oil and why you should apply this dry oil to your skin every night. Aids in fighting free radicals, correcting dark spots, and preventing wrinkles to name a few. The only thing I must mention about this brand: I recommend patting off residual oil left on the surface with a tissue about 5 minutes after applying it as the orange tinted oil will transfer to clothes and linens.


NARS Body Glow
Hell to the yeah is all I have to say about this luscious body oil!! I haven’t quite finished my bottle, but will do so before too long. This product gives skin a bronzed radiant glow with the divine scent of Monoi de Tahiti coconut oil. I just love the way my skin looks after applying it -super sexy!! Everyone needs this oil no matter your skin color. This product as with the Radha will transfer to clothing, so please apply accordingly.


Cover FX Natural Finish Oil-Free Foundation
Obsessed with this product! Now not every beauty brand makes foundation in “global shades” equally. In my opinion, Cover FX N 90 matches my skin to a “T” like no other foundation has ever done. Maybe I haven’t met a better product, but at this moment and into the New Year I will continue to use this product. It has moderate coverage that goes on smooth with a velvet finish withstanding hours in the air and beyond.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer
Hands down the absolute best eyeshadow primer!!! It boasts 24 hour crease protection and they are not lying. My eyeshadow stays powdery smooth hour after hour. Primer is not overrated; it is a makeup essential. And yes, your eyelids need their own primer as well. Some primers look awful — chalky or cakey on brown skin; the formulation for the Too Faced product mattifies without that side effect.

Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara
You know what’s the trouble with mascara packaging…you can’t get all the product out of the tube. Eyeko solved that problem by making a tube you can squeeze like tooth paste. The long skinny applicator makes reaching every lash a cinch. The color is rich, lasting, and easily washes away. I can’t ask for a better mascara.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Waterproof Eyeliner 02 Espresso
I use brown eyeliners almost every day. There are 2 things I look for: color and blend ability. This liner is a twist tube which typically I don’t like because I feel like you get less product, but this one gets a pass because the color is wonderful. It looks beautiful alone or blended with eyeshadow.

EOS Lip Balm
In a previous post “Balms That Won’t Quit” I talked about how wonderful this super affordable balm is. I think I finished at least 4 of these little balls in 2016!! I keep them everywhere…car, gym bag, makeup vanity, ummm where else oh yeah makeup bag!! All natural organic matte balm that my lips love at a price anyone can afford. EOS is a great product, I gift these to everyone even my 4 year old niece. If you haven’t already tried it grab one next time you’re at the drug store…your lips will thank me!

MAC Patent Polish Pencil – French Kiss & Ruby
LOVE this product and you will too!! Rich ultra-hydrating lip color that comes in a twist tube that looks great alone or on top of a lipstick. This product reminds me of a satiny balm but with loads of color. Thank you May for introducing this product to me.

Dior Addict Lipstick 623
I’ve written a Love Note on this lipstick and now it reappears in this New Year’s post all because I love it so much!! I have to include this product because I have never finished a lipstick as fast as I did this one making it an essential staple for 2017!! The pink color marries very well with my natural lip color – in fact it’s the very first true pink I have ever worn!

That’s my top beauty products of 2016 wrap up! I will without a doubt be repurchasing these beauty essentials in 2017! What are your top rated beauty products that you can’t live without? Please do tell in the comments below! Happy New Year!

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