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Pink lip envy…it’s a real thing!! Think Kerry Washington or Rosie Huntington — now these ladies make me long to find a pink lipstick that compliments my skin.

Dior Not Shy 623 Lipstick

For some, I’ve decided it’s a gift from God; like my 14 year old baby Xia, she has the BEST naturally pink lips!! Ummm, that gift skipped me soooo… I’m not mad, it just means I have to pay for it, in the form of a tube of lipstick. Trust me it’s easier said than done. I’ve stopped at so many makeup counters; literally spending 2 hours at Sephora willing the RIGHT pink to jump out at me!! And then one day it happened – Dior Not Shy 623 called to me and I listened!! I knew it was out there, ahhhh Dior Dior Dior!!

Not Shy is so divine!! If you are looking for pink with cooler tones this may the one for you too. It’s super hydrating, due to its hydra-gel core and an application glides on seamlessly, lasting as long as you don’t eat or drink. I use a Dior pencil Elite Pink 663 to line my lips.

Let this little Love Note from me to you take the mystery out of the pink lipstick challenge…find your pretty in pink with Dior!!


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