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I can’t be the only one who suffers from dry cracked lips, right?  When I say suffer, I mean the moment my lip balm runs dry my lips scream out in cracked out agony!!  My lips cannot be naked at any time. For all those lips out there that need to be lovingly protected, here a few of my favorite balms that won’t quit!!

Top Five Lip Balms

Top Five Lip Balms

Base Layer / Gym Lip Balm:

The best drug store balm for sure!!  I use this organic all-natural balm everyday as my base layer before applying lip color, especially matte colors.  It creates the perfect hydrating non-greasy barrier for my lips.  Pulling double duty, I also use EOS at the gym.  OMG, my lips get super dried out when I exercise – must be all that heavy breathing!!  I seriously can’t live without my EOS.  Before I can leave my house I have a long make out session with my lil’ EOS ball followed by a generous layer of my favorite gym lip color by Este Lauder.  While at the gym, I reapply EOS as it tends to rub off on my water bottle.

Anytime…All the Time Lip Balm:
Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom

This product feels so darn luxurious with a subtle delicious scent of coconut.  My girls and I pretty much always have a tube of this in our bags.  Oh and rub a bit on your cuticles when done…why not spread the love?!

The Perfect Lip Balm When Wearing Nude Lipsticks:
Dior Addict Lip Glow: 004 Coral

Pretty and functional, say it ain’t so… Oh how I LOVE you Dior!!  This lovely balm leaves a slight wash of peach on my lips working perfectly when I have on a nude lip color.

Lip Balm for Those Red Lipstick Days:
YSL Volupté Sheer Candy: 005 Mouthwatering Berry

If those 3 letters aren’t enough to get you to try it then let me say this balm is absolutely perfect to apply under or on top of any red lip color without turning your balm red.  Sometimes after wearing a red lip color all day my lips have a red stain.  I love to use this over my stained lips for a lovely berry wash of color.  P.S. YSL packaging is so darn pretty it’s worth the splurge…we deserve it!

Soft sweet dreams…the perfect night time lip balm:
AERIN Rose Lip Conditioner: 01 Nude

If you don’t sleep with balm on your lips trust me when I say you need to get this product and if you already have a sleep balm, then ditch it because this is hands down the shiz-nizz!!  OOOOlala is all I have to say.  I am in OBSESSED with this rose scented balm!  Thick and decadent, you can give your lips a sweet lullaby and wake up with the softest, hydrated lips EVER!!


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