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I love love love rosehip oil!! This dry oil works on a cellular level to rejuvenate the skin with antioxidants and essential fatty acids to aid in fighting free radicals and correcting dark spots, wrinkles, and dry itchy skin.

RadhaRosehip Oil

how-to-use-rosehip-oilI had no idea that this amber colored oil could literally be life changing. About 4 years ago I burned myself…on my chest…ouch!! Silly really – I was curling my hair in my bra and joggled the curling iron, when WHACK – it slapped me across the chest.  It left me with a sliver of white going down my chest where brown skin use to be.  I was f r e a k i n’ out!! Whoooo, breathe!!

Burn Before Rosehip Oil

Burn Before Rosehip Oil

Burn After Rosehip Oil

Burn After Rosehip Oil

A day or two later, quite by chance, I went into this herbalist shop.  What the heck I thought, everyone and his Mama was telling me to put Aloe Vera or Vitamin E on it.  I might as well run in there and get some.  Let me pause here, the knowledge they were serving up in that shop was invaluable!!  I learned sooooooo much from them.  I showed this wonderful hippie woman my burn, who by the way I will thank until the end of time for educating me on what natural beauty is really about.  Okay, continuing on… telling her I want some Aloe for my burn she says, “no love, what you want to use is Rosehip Oil.”  She explains that the healing properties in the oil would not only quicken the healing process, but would lessen the scarring!!   What?!?!  Okay I said, how much is it?  $15 bucks is all it cost me.  She explained to apply the oil routinely day and night, gently rubbing it into my burn.

The rosehip oil I bought from her came in a little amber glass bottle with a dropper, the home-made label read, “Rosehip Oil: Nature’s Beauty.”  Wow, am I going to trust this?!  But anyone who knows me knows I believe that God always puts the right thing in front of me.  It was easy for me; I reasoned this was nature’s remedy…God’s remedy and at that moment I put all my faith in this curious little bottle.

Everyone who saw the burn would ask, have you gone to the doctor? Are you using Vitamin E? Are you using Aloe Vera?  But I stood by my rosehip oil.  I would stare at my vivid burn in the mirror, all the time swearing that everyone could see it (ummm yeah, I’m vain)!  This girl has a year round tank top, v-neck loving obsession and was all could do but hope this burn wouldn’t leave a scar. Shucks, it was a constant thought.  After almost a whole year of applying the rosehip oil religiously, morning and night, my burn healed so well that no one except myself knows where the burn was!!!  At some point during the healing process, I had an “ah-ha” moment.  If this oil can heal my burned skin, what can it do for my face?!  That’s when I began applying the rosehip oil to my face before bed.  It is a dry oil, but it is still an oil.

How to Use Rosehip Oil for Facial Skin Care

How to Use Rosehip Oil for Facial Skin Care

Applying one drop of oil on my forehead, each check, neck, and chest I gently pat and rub the oil into my slightly damp skin.  I saw a tremendous change in the appearance of old acne blemishes on my skin.  In one year’s time rosehip oil gave my skin a rebirth.  It may sound corny, but my skin was seriously changed.  I didn’t recognize it!!  For the first time ever, I felt comfortable adopting that fresh face European look.  The bonus of my new found knowledge is that I gave each of my daughters a bottle for their sensitive teenage skin.  Each of them with different skin types will benefit from the amazing properties found in Rosehip Oil years ahead of their Mama!!

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  3. Jamila Lin says:

    Hi Tennille,

    I just got a bottle of this rosehip oil to use at night. When do you apply it in your akin care routine before bed?

    Thank you in advance 🙂 ❤️

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