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To celebrate Black History Month, I’m so excited to bring back TTL’s black influencer spotlight! As a black influencer, I feel that it’s so important to lift up my fellow black creators and celebrate their success and it’s an honor to use my platform to do that.

In case you missed it last year, I kicked off BHM by highlighting some of my favorite fellow black creators on my blog HERE. These creators are the best of the best. They are each so incredibly brilliant, inspiring, and enrich our lives with their content. If you’re not following them, you should be so be sure to check out that blog. Then everyday in February I highlighted a new influencer on my stories which I’ll be doing again this year featuring a whole new list of creators. It was so important for me to not repeat my list from last year because the list of talented black creators is never ending. But I still want to bring some shine to last year’s daily Black Influencer Spotlight so be sure to check them if you missed it last year :)) 

2022 Black Influencer Spotlight:

Feb 1st: Coco Bassey | @Cocobassey |

Coco Bassey is a Nigerian native who lives in New York and Atlanta. Her content is such a vibe – moody and romantic. Everything she does is so aesthetically pleasing. I love Coco’s fashion style but she shares everything from fashion, travel, beauty and more!


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Feb 2nd: Courtney Quinn | @colormecourtney |

Courtney is the “Queen of Color”. Follow her for your daily dose of happy fashion inspo and uplifting content.

Feb 3rd: SouKeyna Diouf | @Soukeyna

SouKeyna is a model and healthcare advocate and my 24/7 girl crush!! Her spirit and kindness are as beautiful on camera as IRL. Check her out for the most inspiring and colorful beauty + fashion content. I cannot get enough of her!


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Feb 4th: Christine Cruz | @callmechrissy

Chrissy has nonstop energy and good vibes only. Her authenticity welcomes you to her page and content. Follow her for flawless beauty content, fashion, non-stop laughter and dancing, and love for her family.


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Feb 5th: Cynthia Andrew | @simplycyn |

Traveler, Attorney, mother of twin boys & all around baddie – Cynthia fills the world with her striking content and colorful perspective.  I’m constantly inspired by her lifestyle content.


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Feb 6th: Karen Blanchard | @KarenBritChick

Karen, a NY based fashion stylist has a singular fashion perspective that can only be called amazing! I love how she incorporates everything from menswear to designer pieces to one-of-kind vintage finds to create elevated looks.  Be sure to check out her inspiring YouTube street style series, “Where Did You Get That?”


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Feb 7th:  Lynda Jay | @naturallyyours_

Go show my #SephoraSquad sister some love! Lynda shares everything from beauty and hair tips to coping with mental health issues and depression.

Feb 8th: Amy Julliette Lefevre | @Lefevrediary

STUN-NING!! I have been in rapture with Amy for years now.  She has a graceful elegance about her which is evident in every beautiful piece of content she creates…it’s art. What I love most is her eye for fashion and design. Truly inspiring!

Feb 9th: Tomi Obebe | @goodtomicha |

Tomikas is so much fun! Follow her for style & beauty tips, hilarious reality TV recaps, and all things life and travel. For new influencers, be sure to check out her influencer tips and 1-on-1 coaching!

Feb 10: Natasha Ndlovu | @natashandlovu | |

Natasha is a content creator & model.  The moment I found her page I was scrolling and scrolling saying to myself wow. wow. wow! Her fashion style is a mix of vintage with designer styles which is everything I love. Be sure to check out her vintage shop linked above. She’s a lovely follow for everything fashion, beauty and design.


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Feb 11th: Ellie Delphine | @slipintostyle 

Ellie doesn’t know this, but in my mind we are friends!! LOL!! It’s because her authenticity and humor jumps out and pulls you in. Love everything she does.  Ellie gives FASHUN honey!! You have to watch her styling reels – they’re incredible!!


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Feb 12th: Yana | @goldynaps

Yana is so TALENTED!!!! What she can do with hair & makeup blows me away. She’s so amazing, she earned herself a spot on the #SephoraSquad last year! Yana is and forever will be my bb – watching her content creation over the years makes me so excited for her future. I literally replay her reels over and over because no one nails a song and look like she does…you have check them out!!


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Feb 13:  Jenné Claiborne | @sweetpotatosoul |

Vegan chef, author, YouTuber, blogger…and Mama!! Yes darlings Jenné is massively talented…and then some.  Her passion for sharing food inspires me so much.  I love making recipes from her cookbook – literally the most clever and delicious vegan dishes.  You all will love her as much as I do!!


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Feb 14: Aurora James | @aurorajames |

Aurora James is the founder of Brother Vellies, a luxury shoe & accessories brand & 15%pledge. Aurora has been my personal inspiration for years. She just wrote a book, Wildflower: A Memoir is available for pre-order. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!  Aurora’s passion for fashion, art, photography, and humanitarianism can be found in everything she creates.  There is so much beauty that pours out of her I am in constant awe.  And she makes the dreamiest shoes!!!


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Feb 15: Leal Alexander | @curlygallal

Leal is a beautiful woman inside and out.  I have been a fan of her content and positive energy since she came on the scene.  I love how she encourages others to embrace their natural hair through her incredible videos and photography. One of these days I hope to find myself in the UK so I can for beg a real life tea date from her!! Until then you darlings be sure you check her out!


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Feb 16: Lorna Humphrey| @symphonyofsilk

I have been a huge fan of London based Lorna for years now. Her style is beautifully effortless.  I literally want everything in her wardrobe. Timeless. Classic. Chic. Elevated. I always feel inspired when I’m on her page and I know you will love her too.

Feb 17:  Candice Brathwaite | @candicebrathwaite

Candice Brathwaite is a British author, journalist,  TV presenter and Mama that keeps it real!! I am so in love with her!! Her energy is front and center – very engaging.  No matter if she is sharing her passion for fashion or if she is chatting about motherhood and everything in between you babes need to head over to page and follow along…if you don’t already!!


Feb 18: TyLynn Nguyen | @tylynnlguyen

Mama, wife and all around boss babe, TyLnn is elegance in the form of a woman. I first began following her because her BB’s remind me so much of my own. I stayed for her impeccable style, her flawless design sense, and her authentic content creation.

Feb 19: Tamu McPherson | @tamumcpherson

Tamu McPherson, a style-setter and founder of All the Pretty Birds inspires the world from her home in Milan.  For me Tamu represents all that I love about having a creative voice.  Her style is vibrant and original.  Her energy is delightful. And her taste is impeccable. I could go on and on about my attraction to her.


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Feb 20: Danessa Myricks | @danessa_myricks

Danessa, makeup artist and brand founder of Danessa Myricks Beauty pops up as my first page to watch because Instagram knows how much I LOVE HER!!  I was introduced to her brand through Sephora, since then I have literally been obsessed with her. She is an innovator through the products she makes and inspires. Her brand celebrates all races and genders. It would be dreamy to have my makeup done by her one day, but until then I’ll enjoy her products.

Feb 21: Carlos Harris Jr. | @CarlosHarris Jr

I’m constantly inspired by Carlos’ hustle and entrepreneurial spirit. A big congrats to him for signing with DBA Media, the leading talent management company in the country (which happens to my management company as well)! Carlos is also the owner of his own marketing and talent management agency, Harris Marketing & Media Group and his own photography studio – N.E.P. Studios. Follow him for a daily dose of motivation + Mens fashion inspiration.

Feb 22: Scarlet Kent | @scarletkent

Head over to to her IG immediately darlings!! You will find the most gorgeous & stylish woman, her aesthetic is pure art.  I have been following her for a couples years now for her refined fashion & design content.


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Feb 23: Shiona Turini | @shionat |

Stylist, Costume Designer + Consultant, Shiona is a marvelous. I have been following her for years now, drawn to this beautiful woman that loves a good crop top as much as do!  She has worked with so many creators I admire, I was like WOW I love this woman. Check her out babes – you’re gonna be fans of her impressive work too.


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Feb 24: Cierra Nia | @simply.cie

Cierra Nia is the definition of self expression. Cierra is a model and shares her creativity through her home decor and sense of fashion. A coloring book’s dream gal!


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Feb 25: Hanna Fallis Bronfram | @hannabronfman

Founder of @hbfit, Activist, Angel Investor, and Mama – Hanna is truly a beautiful breath of fresh air.  She has inspired me for years with how she authentically shares her lifestyle.  From beauty to fitness to political activism to her passion for investing in minority brand founders. With nearly 1 Million followers you are probably already following her – but if you’re not be sure you do – she is something special!

Feb 26: Danielle Acoff  | @yellabella

Model, Dancer, Actress , Yoga Instructor – Danielle will have you captivated.  I have been a fan for a years. Her grace and strength blows me away!! I literally watch her beautiful videos over and over. Follow along for inspo on how to bring fitness into your daily life or join her for a class.


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Feb 27:  Janelle Marie Lloyd | @waityouneedthis

From fashion to interiors, I love how Janelle shares her personal style. Modern, feminine, and effortless are a few words that come to mind when I scroll her page. And did I mention she’s a new mama – I can’t wait to see how she shares her new mom life with us. Be sure to give her a follow darlings, she is EVERYTHING!

Feb 28: May Visuddhidham | @star.powerr |

May is a fashion designer, content creator for TTL, founder of Already Vintage, and my full-time daughter – I truly saved the best for last!!  I would not be the woman I am today with the invaluable gift of having May in my life. From day she was born has been influencing my every action. Now as a woman she shines brighter than ever through her impeccable eye for design, style and fashion. I bow down to her sewing genius – her creativity has no limits!! Follow this remarkable young lady…she is beyond spectacular – definitely more to come🤍


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