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It’s black history month and just like any holiday there can be a disconnect from the true essence behind the importance. Black History Month is a time to celebrate and recognize the role that African Americans play in American history. It’s also a great opportunity to acknowledge the black leaders in our communities. So this month I want to take a moment to really shine some light on the black creators that are shaping the world we live in today. So much of what we do/love, music, dance, etc. comes from black culture; our lives are collectively enriched because of the minds of black creators. 

Black History Month | Black Influencers You Should Be FollowingMy formative years as a creator really shaped me into the woman I am today.  In my 20’s while in college studying architecture / interior design and concurrently working as a junior designer I was “the one” black person.  I dunno, it was wild, because I was not only “the one” black person but also a young mother in a highly competitive field.  All the while I felt the importance of MY place amongst my peers.  I worked my ass off to prove I belonged.  It was not something I was told, yet I knew I had to outshine the rest.  I did not want my race or motherhood to be a factor in my education or in my progress in the firm.  I damn well had a lot to prove and was more than capable of rising to the challenge.  

In my 30’s working as a Corporate Flight Attendant I found myself again in an industry where there are very few black women & men.  The world of private air travel is so elite, even Black aircraft owners were a rare encounter.  Working as Magic Johnson’s flight attendant for nearly 10 years was so cool.  And I say “cool” because it felt damn good arriving in cities knowing that we were possibly the only black folks these corporate airports were gonna see that day….week…month…who knows.  I understood the magnitude of being in that exclusive position.  It filled me with pride.  Like I was a part of something bigger.  A visual representation of Black Excellence even if I was only an employee.

So now in my 40’s here I am, working in social media. I can only say my life experiences have more than prepared me for the world of “influencing.”  I know what it means to be the “only one.”   Which is why it means so much to us here at TTL  to lift up those fellow creators that inspire us daily.  I see YOU!!  I am so impressed with the amazing talents of my fellow black female creators.  Your hard work, style, your voice reaching the masses – it’s freakin’ incredible!!  There are so many beautifully brilliant black influencers/content creators so here are some of the ladies that I want to recognize for being the ultimate bad asses that are shaping our industry!  To name a few…

Asiyami Gold | | @asiyami_gold

When it comes to beautiful aesthetics there is no one like Asiyami.  Elegance and confidence are front and center in everything she does.  I am continuously impressed with her visual offerings.  From interiors to fashion to beauty her work is stunning.  Her work is true art – it exudes a feeling, a very visceral experience. She is the queen of visual storytelling. If you’re as inspired by her as I am, be sure to check out the tools she offers to help other influencers improve their craft including lightroom presets, content creation guides, photography tips and more. Shop Asiyami Gold’s Creator Tools!


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Signed, Blake | | @signedblake

All I can say is Wowwwww! Blake is out here killing the game, showing us all how it’s done. Blake is a Chi-town attorney turned content creator. If you visit her IG you’re likely to be drawn in by her beautifully curated feed, but she’s so much more. Her storytelling is captivating and entertaining – you’ll quickly fall in love with the broke man in her life Bash (her rescued dog), her neat freaky videos, and even her personal journey in the foster care system. I love watching this woman succeed and let me tell you so do her followers. Anything she puts her name on, her followers are ready to support. She’s had 2 (or is it 3?) sold out Amazon the Drop collections with another coming soon and she just launched her latest collab with @thehoopmobb (a capsule collection of hoop earrings – super chic!). She’s the true story of black excellence – absolutely inspiring!


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Chrissy Rutherford | | @chrissyford

Chrissy is my cup of tea.  She is authentic and has a way of speaking to be heard if you know what I mean. Chrissy is a former editor turned content creator, mental health advocate, and co-founder of 2BG Consultants that provides anti-racism training to fashion and beauty brands and influencers.  I look forward to watching her stories and hearing her weigh in on pretty much any topic.  She’s so intelligent and engaging – truly a force to be reckoned with. 


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Mena Adubea | @mena_adubea

Mena is so lovely!!  She’s my fellow #SephoraSquad launch partner and provides mentorship to fellow influencers in the beauty space. Her confidence is evident in everything she does.  I’m obsessed with her gorgeous beauty videos.  Like Mena love, I wanna make videos like you!  But I’m even more in love with her passion for family, god and her community. Like you can’t help but cry when you watch moments like her gifting a car to her selfless mom. Her passion for life pops off the screen…so infectious!!  I’ve never met Mena in real life but she’s so supportive, loving and exudes kindness. I’m so grateful for the connection.

Monica Veloz | @monicastylemuse

Monica is another one of my fellow #SephoraSquad launch partners. Her energy is spectacular!!!!  My goodness the first time I watched her speak I was immediately drawn in.  Monica is everything and more IRL.  She is intelligent and charming; and makes me feel like I’ve known her for years.  And babes we have not even gotten to her content.  Flawless!!!!  She is meticulous, like every piece of content is A+++. Monica is aspirational and inspirational for real!!


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Quani Burnett | @beauty4brownskin

Quani is a treasure!!  I am continuously impressed with her contributions to the beauty industry while bringing awareness of the need for diversity in our space. In addition to being a content creator and writer, Quani is the Community + Inclusion Strategist for clean beauty brand, Youth To The People. Quani selflessly works to bring more opportunities to black creators and I’m so grateful for her hard work.


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Jenee’   | | @highlowluxxe

Jenee’ is unabashedly luxe fashion and I am here for it!!  Each day she shows up giving fashion inspiration and positive energy.  Her video content is amazing and so captivating…it is so evident the hard work she puts into her content. I was so excited for her when she  launched her very own Amazon the Drop collection last year and it did not disappoint. Jenee’ shows that luxury fashion and lifestyle are attainable for all of us. 

Shannae Ingleton Smith | | @torontoshay

Shannae is the ultimate boss babe that is truly making a difference. She is the co-founder of both Kensington Grey, a boutique influencer management company representing black creators and The Standard, an advocacy platform that fights for the inclusivity of Canadian black women in the marketing sector. She also runs a private Facebook group @TheGlowUpInc that helps black creators connect and support each other in the influencing world. I know that I have personally benefited from the tools and resources shared in the The Glow Up. Shannae is a true role model. She is a reminder of how important it is to use our talents to give back whenever possible.


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Nzinga Young | | @veganzinga

Nzinga is 1000% needed in social media!!  Her conversions on living a vegan lifestyle are not only impactful but relatable and entertaining.  I love her so much!!  I literally enjoy the sound of her voice. If you are looking to go vegan or simply want some ideas on how to incorporate some vegan meals into your diet, be sure to check her out. Nzinga shares tons of delicious recipes and is a wealth of knowlege on how to navigate a vegan lifestyle. 


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Influencing in Color | | @influencingincolor

Nikki (@newtexacali) + Shay (@shaymone) + Brandy (@authentically.b) + Meghan (@imgoodlikemeghan) = Influencing In Color. It’s obvious that four creators are better than one because this group is pure creative genius. The four influencers united in 2018 to provide  a “positive influence for people of all colors through advocacy, collaboration, and commitment to diversity & inclusivity.” This fashionable squad is so much fun to follow. I love that they are making a positive impact through content creation and brand collaborations.

Achieng Agutu | @noordinarynoire

Achieng is the Confidence Queen! If you are not following Achieng like you are missing out on the most engaging & funny young lady in social media!!!  Another beautiful soul I have met IRL.  We hit it off immediately!  Her energy is infectious and vibrant.  Her shine can be seen from the moon I am sure of it!!!  Her oh so important conversations go straight to the heart.  I love that she encourages us all to treat ourselves with the love we deserve.  Gahhh, I love her so much!! 


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Aysha Harun | @ayshaharun

Aysha brings a smile to your face, like her content and spirit is beautiful!!  I have had the pleasure of hanging out with her IRL and wow, truly such a special woman.  Charming, smart, witty, and killing it with on point fashion, beauty & lifestyle content. As a black Muslim woman, Aisha definitely fills a much needed void in the influencer space. I love that through her content she empowers other women to proudly be their authentic selves. 


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There’s no way I can even share of a fraction of the amazing black creators that you should be following and supporting, but I hope that you’ll go show these ladies some love. What are some ways that you can support these women? That’s easy! The best ways to support them doesn’t even cost you a dime. Follow them and engage with their content – like, comment, and share their content. Especially their sponsored content! When they share sponsored content – don’t skip their ads and be sure to click on the links even if you don’t plan to make a purchase. A lot of our success with branded content relies on how much you interact with our content and yes, how many times you click our links. So remember, if an influencer/content creator is doing a great job with providing content you enjoy and appreciate, please be sure to engage with their content as much as possible.

And stay tuned darlings – all month long in my IG stories I’ll be sharing even more inspiring content creators. Any creators you want me to include? Please be sure to share in the comments below.


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