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This time last year, we at TTL (by we, I mean Carol and I) spent a lot of time making plans. We were planning content, brainstorming ideas, and setting goals for TTL. The new year is such an important time to really reset our focus, get organized, and set in motion all that’s required to reach our goals and we had BIG plans for TTL in 2020.

Happy New Year 2021Well, I think I speak for us all when I say that 2020 did not go as planned. Not to say that everything went wrong. In fact, TTL as a company had some amazing and unexpected wins. However, given the climate of 2020 there was A LOT that just didn’t go as planned, as well as lots of devastating lows. If you missed it, you can watch my latest Teatime for my full Recap of 2020 including TTL wins, challenges, and a MAJOR tea spill about myself.

2021 Goals

As we head into 2021, I am cautiously optimistic. I still want to dream big but I also want to set some goals that can be realistically achieved while bringing positivity to my life. Here are some of my goals for 2021:

???? Have Gratitude Each Day. I literally try to find gratitude in everything!  I wake up and say thank you for another day.  I’m in the shower and say thank you for this hot water. I’m thankful to my husband for making me feel loved. I look into my daughters eyes and tell them you drive Mommy bananas, but I could not be the woman I am today without being your Mommy…thank you for being the best babies.  I text Carol morning, noon, and night to let her know how amazing she is, much more than a best friend, a soul mate sister…thank you babe!!  It’s so important to walk through life with gratitude because it shapes your attitude and energy. 

I have had a lot of shitty times in my life like months with no hot water and being in a relationship where I was not treated with respect let alone love.  I use those tough times to give me perspective.  You need the bad and good, they give balance. In my life I have found that it is so critical to find gratitude in the small things.  Somehow that simple acting of acknowledging whatever it is with a “thank you,” even if it’s to yourself, can make a difference. 

???? 3 Month Ab Challenge. If you’ve been following along on IG stories this last week, you know that I’m re-launching my 3 month Ab Challenge. You may recall that I gave myself an ab challenge last year and was super proud of my results. I’d love for you all to join in with me this year! Each week I’ll post a new ab circuit workout to my stories  and will save it to my highlights under “Ab Challenge”.

I plan to complete my ab circuit 5 x week over the next 12 weeks. If you’ll be joining along, be sure to take photos of your weekly progress. You don’t have to share, the photos are to help you track your results over time. If you do decide to share photos, please be sure to tag @thetennillelife_ and #TTLAbChallenge. For me, this challenge is all about making my health and wellness a priority. A little confidence boost will be nice too! 

While there are no official rules, I do encourage you to set a weekly goal (e.g. mine is 5x per week) and stick to it! Consistency will drive your results. And remember to have fun!

???? Share More Recipes. The DM’s have spoken! One of the most highly requested types of content  from all of you is recipes. So to hold myself accountable I’ve made it an official goal to share more recipes. I haven’t decided the best way to do this yet. What do you prefer? Blogs, YouTube videos, IG Stories? Any specific recipes you want to see? I want to hear your thoughts!

???? More Work Life Balance. A big goal of mine is to strive towards work life balance. I know the professional changes I shared in my Teatime are going to help tremendously with that but I also want to be more organized with my time and do my best not to work 7 days per week. As a business owner that seems almost impossible sometimes but that’s something that I really want to work on this year. 

All in all, 2020 has revealed a lifelong recurring lesson: Never underestimate hard work.  Building TTL has been the hardest thing I have ever done for myself.  Carol and I have passion, drive, ability, and vision.  Make no mistake, you can have all those things and still not have anything to show for it.  The added component is HARD F’ing WORK!!  We grind like our business is air itself.  We have each made personal sacrifices, invested our own money, and stretched ourselves to the MAX to bring our dream to life.  I can say wholeheartedly that 2020 has taught me to fight on and work hard! That we can persevere over any obstacles by sheer force of will. Cheers to persevering in 2021 darlings!

New Year 2021

  1. Sonya says:

    Love this post so much and happy to see your tea time again. I am so glad I stumbled upon your ig feed as I am always inspired by you and your story. I talk about you all the time to my college age daughter and think you are beautiful inside and out. Here’s to a wonderful 2021

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