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By now you all probably know I LOVE tea!!  My love affair began with the most standard of teas, English Breakfast.  I picked up the taste for tea in my early 20’s from the girls’ Abuela, one cup of her tea and I was hooked.  As time went on I eventually began drinking green teas, oolongs, and more recently herbal infusions. In general I prefer loose leaf teas.

Tea Time Rituals | My Favorite TeasFor me, once the cold days of Autumn hit, my kettle is heating water nonstop to keep up with the multiple cups of various teas I drink throughout the day.


Chai or English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast:

Boiling water 212℉

After 20 years I still love having a proper cup of scalding hot English Breakfast in the morning.  For the last decade, PG Tips has been my go-to choice.  A blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenya tea, the flavor is rich and subtly floral AND is kick ass strong on the caffeine.  One tea bag is plenty to make a modest pot of tea so watch out if you use one for a mere cup of tea.  Honestly, I can no longer drink PG Tips unless I’m making a big pot of tea; that kick ass caffeine I just mentioned, well now it makes me jittery!!  But no other EB comes close to the flavor of PG Tips!!  Check out my English Breakfast Tea Latte Recipe.

Tea TimeChai Tea:

Boiling water 212℉

Occasionally I have a chai tea latte with oat milk in place of EB.  I love the robust, full bodied flavor from the black tea blend of traditional Indian Masala spices. BUT again, I have a low tolerance for tea caffeine these days so yeah boo-hoo for me because your girl craves that chai flavor all the time!! LOL!!  When I do make a chai tea, I always add a generous teaspoon of local raw honey and steamed oat milk to keep my tea hot. 

Check out my Homemade Iced Chai Latte Recipe!


Japanese Green Tea or Chinese Oolong Tea

Green Tea: 

Water temperature 160-180℉

There are so many yummy varieties of green tea I cannot narrow them down to one favorite. Jasmin, Matcha, ginger, or lemon — I love and drink them all.  Known for being packed with antioxidants, green tea is very beneficial for overall health. 

Enjoying teaOolong Tea:

Water temperature 190-200℉

The main difference between green and oolong tea is that oolong is fermented, meaning the tea leaves have been oxidized making for a darker tea with a stronger flavor.  By far my favorite is Milk Oolong.  Known for having sweet creamy notes, milk oolong has such a lovely cravable flavor.  


Turmeric, Mint, or Fresh Honey Ginger Tea

Turmeric Tea:

Boiling water 212℉

To be honest I drink Turmeric tea at all times of the day.  BUT I especially crave it in the evening during cold months.  Turmeric is widely known for the anti-inflammatory properties which is why I love having it in tea form because it provides another way to continue infusing my body with turmeric throughout the day.  

Cup of TeaMint Tea:

Water temperature 200℉ 

When I think of tummy soothing teas, mint is it for me.  The aroma of comforting mint tea in my hands while laying bed is sooooo relaxing!!

Fresh Korean Honey Ginger Tea:

Water temperature 200-212℉ 

Known for the calming properties, I swear by drinking fresh honey ginger tea in place of dessert at night.  The aroma of the fresh ginger combined with the subtle sweetness from the honey is MMMMWHAAW delicious!!  

As you can see, tea time is an all day affair for me. It’s such a simple pleasure that brings me so much joy throughout the day. How about you darlings, coffee or tea?

My Teatime Essentials

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  1. Tiffany Rose says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful blog on teas. I absolutely love it.

  2. Adrienne says:

    This article just gave me so much LIFE!
    Not only did it remind me to buy a tea diffuser for my new place so I can be official with my tea drinking, ???? but it inspired me to make a whole new gift list on Amazon for the holiday. ????
    Love it! Thanks Tennille, as always! ????

  3. Marraha Crawford says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this

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