Juicing 101: The Perfect Green Juice Recipe



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I can hear Mike right now, “Why do you juice when you can just eat carrots or kale or whatever…?”  After hearing this same question for the last 8 years, with as little attitude as possible I always tell him the same thing….because I could never eat the amount of produce I juice into one glass and my body could never absorb the nutrients in the same way.  SIGH. So if you’re reading this you have just read my top to reasons WHY I juice.  For me juicing is a life sustaining pleasure. My body is happier when I give it the nutrition it needs and for me that’s why juicing is essential.

Juicing 101 | Green Juice RecipeSimply put juicing cleanses and nourishes your cells without making your body work hard to absorb or digest it.  Drinking one freshly made veggie based juice infuses your body with vitamins and minerals on a cellular level protecting it from disease and aging.  I know that if someone handed you a ready made juice you would probably drink it…happily. Conversely, I know that most people if given a juicer to make a juice at home would rattle off a list of reasons why they can’t with time being the number one.  Think of it like this, how much are you willing to invest into your health and well-being? Try to think of juicing in those terms, an investment into your bank of life.

Juicing TechniqueJuicing Technique:

I particularly like green juices because they don’t spike your blood sugar like other veggies and fruits. I save carrot based juices for later in the day if I‘m going to have one. The actual juicing part is quite simple.  Start with your softer fruits or veggies first like leafy greens, they are harder to push through the machine and the harder fruits/veggies will actually push through the bits of greens left behind. I actually like to roll up leafy greens. As for fruits with a rind like lemons, I cut away the peel first.  Before you begin cut larger fruits/veggies down to fit in your juicer shoot. 

The Perfect Green Juice Recipe

Green Juice Recipe | Juicing 101


  • 1 Handful of Spinach (I like to juice full leaf as opposed to baby spinach)
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • 1 orange
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 green apple


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  1. Wanda Hertzog says:

    Hi Tennille!
    Loved this article! I’m thinking about purchasing a juicer but have no idea which one I should get. Can you reccomend a brand? Thanks!


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