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I put together a vlog to share my recent thrift store and vintage hauls. I really wanted you to see first hand the difference between thrift store shopping vs. shopping with vintage re-sellers. If you’re on the fence about second-hand shopping, I hope this video will inspire you to give either one a try.

Haul #1: Thrift Store Shopping at Goodwill Outlet

When it comes to thrift store shopping, there is a lot of negative stigma. My goal with sharing my thrift store haul is to help you see that you can actually get brand new or like new pieces when you shop at thrift stores. On my latest thrift store hunt, I went to my local Goodwill Outlet. This was actually my first time thrift shopping at a Goodwill Outlet. The easiest way to describe it is dumpster diving for fashion. The warehouse was lined with bins and I patiently dug through it all to find my treasures. On this particular day, retailer Brandy Melville must have recently donated because the bins were filled with what I’m guessing was thousands of brand new items of clothing. I literally came home with bags full of clothes for only $13! Watch my video to see what I found.

Haul #2: Vintage Shopping at A Current Affair

On the other hand, shopping with vintage re-sellers is a much different experience. When you shop vintage re-sellers you are basically paying for the retailer’s eye and ability to curate the best pieces for you. In other words, don’t expect to get thrift store pricing when you shop vintage re-sellers. At the same time, you can find some amazing vintage designer brands at prices far less than buying new. I had the pleasure of attending the A Current Affair show last weekend. The A Current Affair show is a paid to enter event with hundreds of vintage retailers. In fact, I knew several of my favorite vintage retailers were going to be at the show and I was really excited to attend. A Current Affair is like the Barney’s of vintage shopping and retailers bring their best vintage pieces.  As expected, the show did not disappoint. I came home with some awesome pieces from vendors, Irons and Ducks and Spanish Moss. Be sure to watch my vlog to see what I found including my new YSL belt.

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