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I’m typically a red lipstick kinda’ girl but lately I’ve been loving on this mauve makeup look. Based on your comments you’ve been loving it too so I decided to create my first YouTube makeup tutorial. Full disclosure: I am not a pro with the whole makeup thing but I am happy to share the not-so-pro- way I do my thing. I hope you enjoy and let me know if you have suggestions for my next video. Without further ado, I present my mauve makeup tutorial ????????????

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  2. Joyce Holloway says:

    What brand of makeup are you applying in the Mauve Makeup Tutorial? It’s very beautiful. Please let me know via my email address
    Thank you kindly
    Joyce Holloway

  3. Elsa says:

    So happy I found you I’m really trying to learn how to use makeup

  4. LMAC says:

    Hello. I stumble on your youtube channel while looking over some of my sewing ideas. The one that caught my eye was “My silver hair routine / the Mane choice.” It’s been close to three months since I’ve colored my hair. About a couple weeks ago I told my hubby, I’m not coloring my hair anymore. It’s time to beautify what God has blessed me with. Everyday I love how my silver hair is coming through so beautifully. I have also been wearing my hair naturally for almost a year and am loving that as well. When I saw your video and saw your texture has some similarity to mine in certain areas, I decided I would follow you on Youtube and subscribed today. Thank you for sharing. I’m looking to purchase the Mane Grow the Oil today for my scalp. I stimulate my scalp but not on a regular basis as I should. Today, is my new start to a new era in my life. If there are other products that you’ve used lately and found are better than a product you’ve advertised that I may have decided to purchase, please share your comments. I look forward to hearing our opinion. Thank you.

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