Red Lip Obsession: My Top 5 Lipsticks of the Moment



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I am a fiend for lipstick…ALL lipstick.  But red lipstick, ooooooh now I’ve taken finding the perfect red to another level of obsession.  There is something timeless and beautiful about red lips.  For me, finding the perfect shade of red has been a fun challenge.  Not all reds are created equal for my brown skin tone.  Then pairing the right color with the right finish, now we are talking damn near impossible.  My lips have a lot of color naturally which means my lips turn a lovely red into an ugly red with one swipe.  I’m not being critical, it’s my reality.  In the past, I’ve allowed people to sell me reds that I had no business buying; they were all wrong for me.  I told myself, come on there have to be perfect reds out there for my lips.  It was on!!  For the past few weeks I have worn the heck out of my lips testing red lip colors and now I have them: My top 5 red lipsticks of the moment for this brownie.

In no particular order…

Ruby Woo Retro Matte Lipstick

MAC Ruby Woo Matte Lipstick

This color is probably in every woman’s lipstick collection.  It’s that classic red that is universally flattering on any skin tone.  At first I thought it was too bright for me, but now I love it!  You can build the color, just a little for a tint or a full application for a long wearing pop of red that is sure to get people talking!!  I tend to wear this on my no make-up days to give my otherwise plain face some polish. Oh, and for those who use pencil, Mac makes a Ruby Woo Lip Pencil to coordinate. 

Vinyl Lip Color 409

YSL Vinyl Lip Color 409

I use to wear matte lipstick exclusively.  Now I’d have to say I wear them 50% less and that’s due to this new long wearing “liquid” finish that a lot of beauty lines are coming out with.  I tend to not like glosses because I get feathering and let’s face it, you have to continuously reapply gloss. The moment I put on YSL’s version I knew it was made for me.  The shiny red compliments my skin tone perfectly, so rich and defining. This new finish gives you the sexiness of a gloss but with the lasting wear that traditional glosses lack.  Genius!!

Tom Ford
Scarlet Rouge #16
Ravageur #3 Patent Finish Lip Color (top coat) 

Tom Ford Lipsticks

What can I say?  This color is so pretty; I fell in love at first swipe!  The feel is incredible.  Perfect for someone who likes a smooth, rich, but hydrating lipstick.  This red compliments my skin and works well with the brownish tones in my lips. Now Scarlet is perfection worn alone, but for an added gloss and long wear ability I say try it with Tom Fords new Patent Finish Lip Color.  Wow!!  A perfect lipstick + the gorgeous Patent Finish make for an irresistible combination.   I suggest lining your lips with a pencil as the Patent Finish does cause a bit of feathering.

Lime Crime
Wicked Velvatine

Lime Crime Wicked Velvatine Lipstick

My favorite dark red for sure!  I don’t wear lip colors based on the season; living in LA I would never get to wear darker colors that are touted as fall/winter colors.  Thank goodness, because Wicked is one of those colors that transcends seasons.  Totally wearable for everyday.  The finish is just as Lime Crime named it:  Velvatine.  So pretty!  I apply maybe 2 times a day; really only after I’ve eaten.  This red is warm and rich, and very nice on my skin tone!

Giorgio Armani
Red Chrome Ecstasy Lacquer #401

Giorgio Armani Red Chrome Ecstasy Lacquer #401

I have to applaud Armani for the ingenuity to make a product that gives you the richness of a matte lipstick with the shine of a gloss in one product!!  It’s amazing.  I haven’t worn a glossy color in so long I find myself staring at my lips all too much when I have this on.  This product goes on in 2 layers.  The 1st is a base coat to cover and define your lip shape.  After about 30 seconds apply the 2nd coat to add more depth of color and to fill in missing spots.  Then step back and stare…you’ll be knocked out with how amazingly beautiful you look!!  At first I was like no way a color this shiny was gonna last all day, but no joke this product in the shizniz!!!  I literally check all day if I need more, and nope I don’t.  Just a small touch up if I eat an apple or something that full on assaults my lips.  I can drink my multiple cups of tea throughout the day and this Lacquer is still there, beautiful and shiny.  I am so happy that I have been open to more of a glossy finish otherwise I would’ve missed out on this product.  Oh, and did I mention the color is out of control hot; rich, luscious, and without a doubt striking!!

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