How to Restore Curls Between Washes



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Curls Curls Curls Curls from all over the WORLD!!  No matter where you are from or what type of curls you have we all deal with our ever changing curls after wash day… Day 2, 3, 4 and so on.  If you’re like me then that could mean a slightly different look each day. I love day 3 & 4 curls the best!! Just frizzy enough for my hair to have loads of volume but not so gunky and heavy as day 5 or 6.  And Day 2, well that’s still too clean. If you’ve been struggling with how to restore curls between washes, then check out my latest video!

In my last curly hair tutorial I shared my curly hair routine including everything from washing to drying and styling. This time around I teach you a technique to reshape (truly brilliant), redefine, and tame frizzy curls in between washes.  

At my last hair appointment with the curl doctor Shai Amiel, owner of Capella Salon, he reminded me that build-up from over product use or leaving non-leave-in-conditioners in hair can actually cause long term damage as in dryness and can even cause breakage!!  That bit of fear factor left me with major respect on minding my use of hair products in general. These past couple weeks I have found that if I lightly reapply my styling products in the middle of a wash cycle, I can get away with a light water spray down on my curls later in the week.  This has worked great to reactivate the product while reviving my curls.

Are there any tricks you use to restore your curls between washes? Share with me below!

  1. Meerna says:

    Hey there, i came across your picture while surfing the net and i was amazed by the color of your hair so decided to fetch more. And here i found myself in your blog. I am writing to let you know that you are an inspiration, i used to color my hair every like 8 weeks. I left it with no color (black mainly) now for like 4 months and i was like i want it to rest a bit and i will keep it in a ponytail so the grey wont show much, as now i am having the grey hair growing in almost all my curls. Seeing your picture and reading your posts inspired me to do the same. So decided from now on no more color and i called my hairdresser to find a way to maybe enhance the cut to show more the grey curls since they are hidden mostly inside. Usually i am someone who is running after natural stuff, natural eatings and the hair color was the most frustrating for me as i don’t like this much chemicals on my curls.
    God bless you and your family and keep it up.

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