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Everyone who knows me knows I have a tremendous appetite for life. Me in a nutshell: Mom of  2 girls 22 & 16 years old + Wife + Corporate Flight Attendant traveling half the year + Blogger =  crazy bananas and basically non-stop life!! Of course, this crazy life has its ups and downs. I am being pulled in a dozen directions, like all the time.  Somehow, don’t ask me how exactly, I manage to get it all done.  I’m sure I’m not alone in this journey, I know you darlings can relate, leading hectic lives yourselves.  But more than anything through it all I cherish those moments I get to unwind and make time mine!!

Rumba Time Watch x ByChariaMy beautiful Rumba watch, is the perfect accessory to keep time while relaxing doing the things that restore me. It’s part of their Rumba x BYCHARI collaboration and the gold plated watch with black leather suede strap is so perfectly paired with BYCHARI’s delicate cuff bracelet. The pieces layer together so perfectly.

Rumba Watch DetailAs Autumn descends on LA there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting indoors near a teapot.  Green tea, Oolong, or Black — there is one for every mood. I make a pot, curl up in my Cafe Nook and ahhhhhhh do absolutely nothing — well kinda nothing.  Sometimes I catch up on reading magazines for design inspo or stream a video…or 2 or 3…lol!

Tea Time with Rumba WatchYou know what goes great with a lovely cup of tea??  Fresh baked goodies.

Baking | #MakingTimeYoursTraveling and eating out as much as I do, I am so delighted to have a day or two at home to spend time in my kitchen making homemade food!!  Baking sweet nothings to eat with my tea goes without saying.Baking with Rumba Time

This may sound exhausting to some, but the interior designer in me can never be satisfied without a creative in-home project going on!!  Trust, this pisses Mike off to no end…LOL! “No, baby, the house doesn’t need anything else done right now!” Well, I clearly do not listen to him because my mind is always remodeling something, can’t help it, it’s what I do. Decorating for FallFortunately for him I’m super busy and currently have no time to manage a full-blown remodel project. I’ve been soothing the design beast within by making time to add fall decor to our home. I’m all into adding pumpkins, candles, and plants to celebrate the season.Rumba BYCHARI Watch & Cuff Set

How about you darlings…What are some of the favorite things you do to make time yours?


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