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Wallpaper has got a bad wrap.  A stigma that has been hanging on since the 70’s back when Carol Brady from the Brady Bunch had a mullet and station wagon with wood siding!  I get it, these are style choices we do not want to repeat! Not to mention no one is remotely interested in gluing paper to walls, that peels and fades looking tired over time.  Like why would you want that?? Peel and Stick Wallpaper

But what if you could add beauty, whimsy, or modern style into a room using a wallpaper that is temporary and completely removable? What if you could custom design it for your project’s needs without it costing you a fortune?  AND it’s a DIY’er that you can knock out in a couple of hours — Would you do it?? Well, I decided to get me some peel and stick wallpaper and give it a shot. I am sooooo happy I did!!!

Design Inspiration

Before I began my library remodel I knew I wanted a feature “backsplash” wall behind the desk.  Tile? Glass? Mirror? Yeah, that was a heck to the no! Ok, well what then?? I remember seeing IG star influencer Chiara with desert cacti wallpaper in her new LA home and I was like that just might be the answer. Once I had my style inspo there was no turning back.  I knew at once just what to look for — foliage to play off the “conservatory-esque” concept I was going for. The tricky thing was I needed to find a print with the right scale and it had to be black and white. We all know ideas are well and good but executing them are another.

Google is THE BEST!!  Where would we be without it?!  After a bit of searching I found Spoonflower. Honestly incredible!!  It is an online resource for custom printed peel and stick wallpaper, fabric, wrapping paper, and so much more.  In a nutshell, they feature artists’ designs which can then be printed on whatever you order. For example I could have just as easily ordered matching fabric to make pillows or curtains because it’s all made to order!!!

Ordering Peel and Stick Wallpaper:

  1. Choose a print
  2. Select paper – peel & stick
  3. Choose from the standard sizes or enter dimensions into the coverage calculator to determine what quantity and size rolls are best for your project (I used the calculator for my project)
  4. Place order

Literally that easy!!  I believe the original lead time was 12 days and I want to say the order arrived less than 6 days later.

Before you begin let me say the skill level is right around moderate-hard.  I wish I could say oh yeah, it’s easy-peasy!! But, no, it can be tricky. I recommend grabbing a hanging partner if you’ve never done anything like this before.  In my previous life as an interior designer, I made presentation boards and models so yeah, utility knives and precise measuring are second nature to me. Even I dropped a couple F-bombs to myself, but like that’s my normal!

What You’ll Need to Hang Your Peel and Stick Wallpaper:

  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife and extra replacement blades
  • Pliers (if using breakaway blades)
  • Self healing cutting surface or sturdy cardboard to cut on top of
  • Straight edge, like a metal ruler

Applying Peel and Stick Wallpaper:

  1. Make sure your wall is smooth.  The paper will not stick to rough surfaces AT ALL!
  2. I began on the upper left corner under the cabinet.  Peel down the backing paper on the first roll just a bit about 2 inches, fold along the edge.Fold Wallpaper Along Edge
  3. Place in the left corner, align under cabinet.Align Wallpaper Under Cabinet
  4. Using the smoothing applicator that comes with your paper, smooth the sticky edge to the wall making sure it adheres.
  5. Gently begin removing the backing, in small increments, smoothing with applicator along the way until the roll reaches the desktop.Smooth Wallpaper Using Applicator
  6. Using a utility knife, cut excess paper.Trim Excess Wallpaper
  7. Using a tape measure, measure any necessary cuts under or around the cabinets where ever you need to putt the next roll of wallpaper.Measure Wallpaper To Cut  Transfer those measurements to the next roll of paper.Transfer Measurements
  8. Fold edge over (step #2).  The left edge should overlap the paper on the wall about an inch in order to match up the repeat of the pattern.Overlap Edge of Wallpaper
  9. Repeat steps 4-6
  10. Continue this process until you are done.

Blade Safety

Using a utility knife can be intimidating and downright treacherous if you’re not careful.

    1. Change blades frequently, as soon as dulling occurs.  A dull blade is dangerous. You end up applying more pressure than necessary leading to your hand slipping.
    2. When cutting situate your body opposite the blade.
    3. Always cut towards your body
    4. To make clean cuts, lightly score each pass.  You do not need to cut clean through first pass.
    5. If using break-away blades, adjust blade to the edge leaving only the blade you want to remove.  Using pliers in a firm grip, snap blade tip away from you body.X-acto Knife: Breaking a Blade
    6. To dispose of blade fragment, wrap multiple times in tape.  These little buggers will slice through trash bags and everything else if you neglect to dispose of them properly.Blade Disposal

I’m super happy with my peel and stick wallpaper. A penny for your thoughts?Library Update: Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Library Design: Peel and Stick Wallpaper

  1. Author Bronte Williams says:

    Luv it ‼️ ? What is the average time wall paper last .. and Will heat uplift it … I have a Idea I want to put on my wall to cover the entire wall of history of Words

    • Tennille says:

      Hi Bronte!

      That sounds fabulous! I reached out to Spoonflower with your questions and here’s what they had to say…

      Our Water-Activated Smooth Wallpaper is made from eco-friendly, PVC-free paper with a water-soluble adhesive; Peel and Stick Woven Wallpaper is made from a woven polyester fabric with a self-adhesive backing like a giant sticker — both versions are fully removable.

      While we do not have any formal statistics available regarding the longevity of our wallpapers once applied, the adhesive should last fairly indefinitely but would also depend on the environment it is applied in. Our Woven wallpaper can be a little finicky when it is applied in environments that experience humidity and temperature fluctuations.

      For a more permanent application, I would suggest the Commercial Wallpaper offered by our sister company, Roostery. To find out more about their wallpaper, go here:

      I would definitely recommend ordering test swatches of our wallpapers and testing them on your wall to determine if they are suitable for your home. Simply scroll down to the “Choose a Size & Amount” drop down menu to the right of the design image and choose the swatch option. Smooth wallpaper swatches are 2’x1′ in size and are $5 each. Woven wallpaper swatches are 2′ x 1′ in size and are $7.50 each.

      More info on our wallpaper and installation instructions can be found here:

      Hope that helps and good luck!

  2. Tae says:

    Thank U ‼️‼️‼️‼️????

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