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22 days. That’s how many days I traveled last month. And this month I’ll be traveling 15. On some days, I could have as many as 2+ flights. That’s a lot of long days, late night arrivals and super early morning departures. When I’m running low on sleep, the first place it shows is my eyes. That’s why I never leave home without my SiO Beauty eye patches.

Sio Beauty Eye PatchesI’ve been using SiO Beauty Super Eye Lift patches for the last 4 months and I seriously LOVE them! I go to sleep with them on and I wake up with hydrated, puff-free, and wrinkle-free eyes.  Trust me, no one would ever know I only slept 4 or 5 hours. The eye patches are super effective because they are made with the highest medical grade silicone that restores collagen. I like that they aren’t gooey or messy like some of the other patches and masks I’ve tried. Best part yet, they are super affordable. They cost about 20 bucks with the monthly subscription (or $24.95 with a one-time purchase) and you can re-use them up to 15 times! That brings the cost to just over $1 each use…brilliant!

How to Apply SiO Beauty Eye Patches

Applying Sio Beauty patches are easy-peasy!

  1. Thoroughly cleanse and dry your skin. Make sure you do not add any lotions or serums to your skin or the patches won’t stick.
  2. Carefully remove the patches from the plastic liner and position them under each eye.
  3. Wear them for at least a few hours, or while you sleep. I always like to wear them while I sleep for optimal results.

If you follow me on Insta then you hear me talk about my SiO Beauty eye patches ALL THE TIME. I promise I’m not getting paid, but that would be awesome LOL! I’m a real customer who purchases SiO patches because I love them and enjoy sharing products that work for me with all of you. Only last week did SiO Beauty take notice and offer to send me some of their products to try. I’m not hating on some free products! Included in this package were their Elbow and Knee Rescue Lift patches. I tried them out and needless to say, I’m a fan! The patches target areas that are typically neglected. I mean, elbows and knees need anti-wrinkle treatment too right? 

SiO Elbow and Knee Rescue Lift

How cool is it that I can get my editing work done while wearing my SiO beauty patches?

If it’s not super clear, I highly recommend SiO patches for any areas that might need a little TLC. Are there any other anti-wrinkle products you’d like me to try before you buy?  Please share below.

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