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Recently I had the pleasure of having a lymphatic massage at Flavia Lanini’s studio in Beverly Hills. Babes let me tell you, I’ve had lymphatic massages in the past but none have compared to this. If you’ve ever wondered whether lymphatic massages are just a “gimmick” or “overhyped”, I’m here to say it is definitely worth the hype! 

Lymphatic Massage at Flavia Lanini Beauty Insititute

Lymphatic massages are really beneficial to the body because our body’s lymphatic system is super integral to our immune system. The lymphatic system essentially moves waste and carries disease-fighting white blood cells, and believe it or not, actually needs to be physically drained. This is why I practice at-home treatments like gua sha, dry brushing, and even drinking detox teas, because they all support lymphatic drainage. 

So of course I jumped at the chance to have a day of pampering, and was totally geeked out at the opportunity to learn even more about the lymphatic system from Flavia and her team. For my treatment, I received a lymphatic massage followed by a red light sauna treatment. My appointment was private and personal, so I got to have my massage, use their shower, and have the sauna room all to myself. It was such a one of a kind experience. I’ve had lymphatic massages before, but the combination of lymphatic massage with red light therapy was perfect in every way. The actual lymphatic massage was amazing, designed to stimulate lymph nodes and glands, encouraging them to drain. The draining aspect is super important as it can help reduce inflammation and regular upkeep can help prevent fluid build up. 

Flavia Lanini Spa Day

Many people will notice less bloating and swelling after lymphatic massages. For me, I have seen a noticeable change at some of my past appointments, but at the most recent one, there was not much of a visual change. I don’t see this as a negative thing, it can just mean that I didn’t have much bloating or water retention to begin with. I also want to make clear that the most important part of this massage is that you are ridding your body of toxins and that your investment into the treatment is because you want to feel good. My personal biggest takeaway from my massage was how I felt so much better mentally.

Before and After Lymphatic Massage Results

After my massage I was guided to the shower room where a detoxifying clay mask was put on my abdomen then wrapped with some sort of saran wrap. Flavia really emphasizes detoxifying your gut so it was recommended that I do this to finish up my lymphatic treatment.

Clay Detox

I was then guided to the red-light sauna where I felt like such a lucky girl because I got a two for one treatment: red-light + sauna treatments. The red light sauna room really added to my overall impression of what a lymphatic treatment can look like. I am already a huge fan of red-light treatment because I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin since I started using my at-home LED mask. Red-light is a type of light therapy that uses UVA and UVB rays that penetrate deeper and surface areas of the skin and can be applied on just the face or the entire body. Exposing the body to varying levels of red light is thought to optimize the cells to better transport electrons and oxygen. So in skincare terms it helps with collagen production and skin elasticity. And I loved that Flavia’s studio combined this with a sauna, to help with detoxifying the body through making your body sweat. It also helps with soreness and can reduce tension in the body. 

Red Light Treatment at Flavia Lanini Beauty Institute

During this portion of the treatment, I was given a bottle of water, two detoxifying iced teas and Himalayan salt. I know it sounds counterintuitive but you put a little bit of salt on the tip of the tongue to replenish the salt you are losing in the sauna. It helps prevent wooziness and opens your body up to absorb more moisture and water. Flavia’s team checked in on me regularly and brought more tea and water, to make sure I remained hydrated throughout the treatment. I personally enjoyed this part of the treatment the most because red light therapy always helps me release mental tension. I have never felt more relaxed than when I get red light treatments. I guess that’s because red light therapy helps stimulate melatonin production which is the hormone that helps you sleep. All I know is that it is really effective at helping my mind feel at peace.

After the treatment, it felt like a reset – I don’t feel bloated, my skin is good, and totally TMI but my bowel movements are great. I love treating myself to stuff like this because it makes me even more conscious of how I treat my body. I feel motivated to continue treating my body with kindness, working out, juicing, taking supplements, and eating right. Like I said before babes, lymphatic massages are not overhyped! 


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