Iced Matcha Tea Latte Recipe



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Hey babes, it’s the season for iced EVERYTHING!!  Let me tell you even if you don’t like matcha you are gonna LOVE my iced matcha tea latte!! SOOOOOO many people say they don’t like matcha because it tastes like dirt.  Ahem, that’s because you have not had a QUALITY matcha lovies!! And duh, if you’re a matcha lover like me then you will be craving this version every single day!!
Iced Matcha Tea Latte Recipe


Matcha is a powder made from finely ground tea leaves. 


Because matcha is so freakin’ good for you!!  It contains powerful antioxidants and it is known to help mental clarity all without caffeine crash.  

Let me take a couple steps back by saying if you are gonna have matcha you gotta splurge for the BEST ceremonial grade!!  That might be why some people don’t like matcha.  Crap quality = crap taste. For me the Pique Life Matcha is the one you want to get.  It is superior quality and the rich flavor is so creamy, smooth and delicious.   Not gonna lie, it will give you a bit of a sticker shock, as it retails for $58. BUT you get 28 pre-measured packets so that means you get the highest quality matcha for less than $2.50 a drink!!  Tell me where you can get a matcha for that price??!!  So yeah, save your money and make yourself a gorgeous tea latte at home.  

Benefits of Pique Life Sun Goddess Organic Matcha (from their website):

  • Radiant Skin – “EGCG firms and brightens skin; Chlorophyll supports skin clarity skin elasticity & collagen levels.” 
  • EGCG: found to reduce inflammation & aid in weight loss & help prevent heart & brain disease.
  • Calm Energy – “L-theanine promotes calm and balance.”
  • L-theanine: helps improve brain function.
  • Healthy Metabolism – “Caffeine supports lipid metabolism; Catechins help curb sugar and hunger cravings”
  • Catechins are natural antioxidants that help prevent cell damage.
  • “100% organic, ceremonial-grade and quadruple toxin screened. Sourced from Kagoshima, Japan “

Iced Matcha Tea Latte Recipe


Matcha Tea Latte IngredientsDirections:

    1. Empty one pack of Pique Life Sun Goddess Organic Matcha into tall glass  (one packet = approx. 2 ½ tsp matcha)
    2. Add heated water 140-150 degrees (not too hot babes, excessive heat will kill it…literally) 
    3. Whisk until powder breaks up and is dissolved. I love my matcha electric whisk but you can totally use a small cocktail whisk.Frothing Matcha tea
    4. Mix in any sweetener you prefer. I either do Agave or Raw Local Honey. You can totally skip this step ;))
    5. Drop in ice cubes until the glass is full.
    6. Top off with your favorite milk.  I love Oatly Barista Blend Oat Milk. **For extra smooth fluffy milk you can do like me and froth it before adding to the the glass.Matcha Tea Latte with Oat Milk

Enjoy, darlings!! 

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