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Everyone has at least one comfort food that sends the pleasure receptors in the brain through the roof.  For me I’d have to say fries are at the top of my list.  French Fried Potatoes – Pomme Frites – Chips – or just plain Fries no matter what you call them I have never met a fry that I didn’t like!! 

Aroma Cafe


Ok Ok I know what you’re thinking and I agree, not every fry is created equal.  Some are flat out not worth the indulgence and some are trashy, but I still love them…hello McDonald’s fries are literally crack!!  These days I seldom eat fast food fries and alas never from McDonald’s. I’ve reached an age that when I indulge in fries, I’m going for the best I can find.  Or at the very least have a salad with them!!! LOL!!  

For me I love fries that are freshly cut potatoes, skin on, cooked crispy.  Like I’m the person that orders them well done. Nothing against the classic frozen fries we all know and love, but they ain’t nothin special.  Sike – that’s a lie, if I’m gonna be honest I’m a SUCKER for fry shapes!!  You know what the hell I’m talking about babes: crinkle cut, curly, steak, or the ultimate waffle fries!!!!  The million dollar question is why are “shaped” fries even better than say the basic shoestring??  Because I’m sure millions are being made in sales to suckers like me that go in for the novelty of it. 

In doing the proper research for this blog I hit up some of my fave places in LA that take pride in transforming potatoes into perfect fries.  The one thing I can definitely say is British style chips are the bomb!!  A couple places that are a must try is the Auld Chip Shop in Toluca Lake and Market Tavern in the Farmers Market at The Grove.  Lord help me but they can make some fries!!  Good fries like these don’t need dipping sauces but I did have a bit of malt vinegar…so GOOD!!  On the topic of dipping sauces, what’s wrong with plain old ketchup??  Leave it to the modern day restaurants to bougie up french fries by making aioli a thing.  A good fry doesn’t need sh*t! Why cover up the delicious potato flavor, but that’s just me.  I have been known to dip into 1 or 2 aoli’s out there but on the whole it won’t sell me on a spot having bomb fries.  As for fast food fries, hands down Five Guys makes my favorite with IN & Out at distant 2nd.  Duh I will kill Chick Fil A waffle fries or the crinkle cut Shake Shack fries too!!  My goodness all this fry talk has my tummy rumbling, better fast track this write up!! LOL!!

Auld Chip Shop


Hold up, wait – there’s a category of fries I want to touch on: Loaded Fries.  Ahem, perfect example Animal Fries from IN & Out.   Personally, I have never had them.  However, everyone else alive HAS!! LOL!!  IN & Out in general has a cult following but their loaded fries with grilled onions, “sauce” and cheese is in a league of its own.  These days restaurants top fries with everything from pulled pork to garlic and herbs.  No matter what your preference is there is truly a fries style for everyone – and I LOVE THAT!!

Now babes, I don’t drink alcohol, never have.  I don’t even drink soda; and I am totally missing root beer!!  I try to refrain from eating processed foods or refined sugar.  I mean damn, a girl should be allowed a vice of some sort right??!!  It may seem odd that I am sitting here writing a blog about fries, but I want to chat about the importance of responsible indulgence.  As much as you see me share my plant-based lifestyle full of hippy-dippy rituals, my workout sessions, and general wellness routine,  I also want to have a balanced life…that means eating those damn fries baby!!  

Market Tavern


Life in my opinion would be rather awful without pleasure.  When I was traveling 24/7 I found that having a side of fries brought me a measure of pleasure & comfort.  In fact, it became my thing.  It was very common to scroll through my IG feed and see me in Miami eating fries or on an island like St. Lucia eating fries.   Although my on the road lifestyle has changed, my love of fries will never end.  I am so glad I took this humble opportunity to share my love for fries because they are so worthy!!!!

  1. Nelva says:

    What a fabulous salute to fries! I too love fries… don’t indulge in other things but comfort food like fries, makes me very happy. From the smile on your face I say you feel the same!!! Enjoy!!!

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