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Sexy, timeless, effortless, chic, polished, minimal, monochrome, basic, & confident pretty much sums up my style. No matter what, I always rely on those TTL style hallmarks when shopping THE ONE or TWO items to pull a look together.  In my opinion, being stylish has nothing to do with money or even where you shop, it’s having an eye, knowing your body, and having confidence in your outfits!! Darlings I want to take you on a kinda travel style journey with me; giving you tips on how I shop and plan looks.

Summer Travel StyleHaving to travel for a month has allowed me to come out of quarantine hibernation and actually wear the summer pieces from my wardrobe that I have been shopping throughout Winter & Spring.  Typically, I primarily shop thrift stores, vintage fairs and flea markets, but this is 2020 babes, so yeah my go-to 2nd hand spots are all closed due to Corona.  For the first time in years I found myself shopping online, the thrill of the hunt gone, no longer coming up on that one-of-a-kind piece that I know will elevate outfits. BUT my word for 2020 is Adaptability and that includes my wardrobe. 

When it comes to my style for this month long trip in Europe, I brought along pieces that were multipurpose, easily mixed & matched together, and most importantly kept me cool!! 

TTL Travel Style

Satin bias midi-skirts

The most flattering cut on my body is bias.  I am 5’6”, 120 lbs., my torso is longer than my legs; my natural waist is 24” while my hips at the widest point are 36”and now that I’m building more booty muscles I would say closer to 38”.  I am a PRO at shopping for my body.  I know what looks good on me and what makes me feel beautiful.  Satiny midi-skirts are my JAM!!!  They fit my waist and give my hips and tush plenty of room.  Depending on the store I generally wear an XS or Small.

Silky satin skirts are a year round staple for me AND I have ZERO shame re-wearing them weekly while changing up the tops and shoes.  They take on the personality I am feeling that day beautifully. From sporty, comfy, sexy or casually polished they are the items I reach for the most in my wardrobe.  From T-shirts & flip-flops, to sneakers & tanks, or boots & sweaters the combinations are endless!!


  1. Elastic band bias midi skirts allow for more tummy room, ahem like after you’ve eaten gelato for the 3rd day in a row, they’re great at concealing it ;)))
  2. Zippered skirts are more form fitted & flattering, but depending on the brand I sometimes size up because the zipper tapers the hip area.
  3. Can be dressed up or down making them ideal to travel with.
  4. I usually stick to basic colors: Black, olive, and pink are some of my faves.  For this trip I decided to venture out with a lime green skirt which made me feel incredibly CUTE!! Oh, and I love a good leopard print skirt too!

Midi Skirt

Midi skirt Details

Slip Dresses

I could honestly wear slip dresses everyday for the rest of my life and be happy!!  Nothing makes ME feel more ME than a slip dress.  The epitome of effortlessness!!  They pack well and can be paired with any pair of shoes. Slip one onto your body and that’s it, what can be any easier??!!

Pre-Covid I would buy my slip dresses 2nd hand.  I am known to turn a once nightgown into a dress!!  


  1. Look for ones with adjustable straps.  I have a couple that are not and I had to cut down the straps to get the dress and neckline to drop properly on my shoulders.  No biggie but still, adjustable straps are always preferred.
  2. I almost always buy a size medium in slip dresses.  I prefer them to be loose and flowy.  When they cling tightly to my body they lose that nightgown feeling l love.  I have a couple that I bought in my size small and I love them too but, like I said they’re a different vibe. 
  3. Silk slip dresses are divine!! BUT also not practical for everyday, in my opinion. Silk feels beautiful on both feminine and luxurious. I will say that silk is less forgiving.  You can see every little bump under the fabric and so yeah that’s something to consider.
  4. Lined slip dresses are the best, but also harder to find.  Not many brands go that extra step to line dresses anymore.  Lining means the dress will be less clingy and the fit tends to be more flattering.

Midi to Maxi Dresses

I’m always looking for ways to elongate my body because who doesn’t want to look more lengthened.  For me a longer dress creates that illusion and I LOVE that. A longer hem line also equals comfort.  The shorter the hem, the less functional the dress is.


    1. Styles: Wrap, peasant, slip, bias, or fitted are few that I own and I’m obsessed with them all.  Try a range of styles you might find that you too like a variety of midi/maxi styles too.  For me, each one kinda takes on a mood.  For example: Wrap dresses are the French-style of effortless, always giving me that feminine put together feel.  While a peasant style can take on a more casual-comfy look.
    2. Fabric:  I love a good structured cotton dress or a T-shirt weight dress cotton midi dress. No matter the fabric a midi/maxi dress can be worn year round.  So when shopping try finding dresses made with fabrics that can be worn with sandals in the warmer months and carry you through cooler ones when worn with ankle booties or even knee high boots.

Midi DressBodyCon Knit

I love wearing my bodycon dresses at home BUT I also LOVE traveling with them. They look amazing in all lengths, even above the knee, but again I get more functionality from longer hemlines so my go-to bodycons are all midi-length.

BodyCon Dress Summer Travel Style

Summer Travel Style Bodycon Dress


If you want your dress fitted, my number one tip is size down. Depending on the knit I find that as the day goes on they lose their shape a bit.  I like them to hold me in a bit so I always buy them in a size 0 or XS.  HOWEVER if you want a more loose or even a T-shirt fit buy true to size or even size up.

Bodycon Dress

Bodycon Dresses

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