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I could easily list off over a dozen reasons I’m obsessed with bodycon dresses. They are the perfect blank canvas to style for any occasion. I love how bodycon dresses can go from lounge wear to lunch with girlfriends, all the way to elegant chic by simply swapping out shoes and accessories. A bodycon dress is a year round staple in my closet going from season to season with the simple addition of a knit sweater, oversized button up shirt (tied or left loose), long duster sweater or even a trench coat. But more than anything I love how a bodycon dress celebrates my body and curves.

There was a time when I was battling endometriosis that I didn’t have the confidence to rock a form fitting dress. Now every time I put on a bodycon dress I celebrate my triumph after endometriosis.  It reminds me to celebrate my health and body everyday.

CLICK ON EACH PHOTO TO SHOP MY FAVORITE STYLE BODYCON DRESSES. Disclosure: I may earn a small commission when you shop using the links below.

Sorry darlings. Some of the original styles above have sold out so I did my best to link similar styles above.

  1. Belinda Adame says:

    Love your style and you are a true inspiration!!!

  2. Kellie Kelz says:

    Beautiful Queen ????????

  3. Karriejoi Coit says:

    What is your height and weight? Is there a blog that talks about what size and how it fits?

  4. […] love wearing my bodycon dresses at home BUT I also LOVE traveling with them. They look amazing in all lengths, even above the knee, […]

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