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Is it me guys or has Summer 2019 come and gone faster than ever??  We are midway through September and I’m seeing fall decor in every store, pumpkins in the market, and of course pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING.  I’m all for Fall but like I’m still sharing photos on Insta from my summer travel in Rome and Nice…ummmm clearly I’m not ready to let go of summer!

Walking in Rome

Walking the Beautiful Streets of Rome

My life as a corporate flight attendant is about striking a balance between traveling for a living and being away from home and hustling for my passengers while on the plane.  In order to have a thriving fulfilled life finding the ideal ebb-and-flow is key. Once the plane lands it’s a different type of balance. You have “free time” in a city you didn’t choose to be in and yet here you are!!  It’s cool, yeah, but it can also be lonely and even boring. Slap me now I know, but it’s TRUE!! Fortunately coming from having no job to having a dream job, I learned early in my career to make the most out the places I am lucky enough to visit.  It is soooo important to try and have a good time no matter where I go, with whatever I choose to do.  

Naturally cities like Rome and Nice make it impossible not to have an amazing time.  The richly vibrant historical streets beacon you out to explore. Italian and Southern French food literally is so tantalizing, how can you deny yourself?!  The views are so breathtaking I have to pinch myself, God how did I get here?!

Enjoying the View from My Hotel Room at Palazzo Naiadi

Enjoying the View from My Hotel Room at Palazzo Naiadi

For the last six or seven summers I have traveled to both Rome and Nice pretty much every year; some years 2 or 3 times!!  CRAY-ZZZ!! Both of these cities are no longer “tourist” destinations for me, they feel like home. It’s rather nice to arrive in a city,  know where everything is, map plans out in my head days prior on how I want to spend my time and then arrive and hit the ground running!! Ahhhh nothing better.

My agenda for Rome and Nice was quite simple:

✔Take photos

✔Stay busy enough during the day so I don’t nap 

✔Take photos

✔Get blog work done

✔Take photos

✔Don’t spend too much money (in other words eat but nothing else)

✔Take photos

Summer in Rome, Italy

I stayed at two different hotels while in Rome this summer: The Palazzo Naiadi and the Grand Flora. Both hotels were very lovely. 

Summertime in Rome is just like home …HOT well over 90 degrees, but it can also be uncomfortably humid.  I know I’m going to sweat so I always bring a big bag to carry water and try to dress comfortably. My favorite thing to do is go for walks down by the Spanish Steps which is basically Rodeo Drive and go shop-hopping. 

Love seeing what the shops have to offer in comparison to the US shops. From there I typically go to a restaurant I love called Ginger Sapori e Salute. My go-to spot year after year for a big fluffy salad and mango-passion fruit granita.  With the heat the thought of eating heavy pastas or even pizza is out.

Lunch at Ginger in Rome

Oh and this year I found the yummiest bomb vegan gelato…dark chocolate and melon…quite simply the best freakin duo!!!

Summer in Nice, France

Nice has a different vibe all together.  It’s a laid back beach town that is filled with tourists and locals all enjoying the perfect 80 degree weather, truly postcard kind of scenes.  While in Nice I stayed at the AC Hotel Marriott Nice.

View of Nice France

View of Nice France

I love Nice because out of all the cities in Cote d Azur, it is buzzing with activity but still has its quaint Old Town that is beyond charming.  I love walking to Old Town for dinner!!

A Day In Nice FranceThis year we went back to a place called La Rossettisserie, to enjoy our dinner in a wine cellar. The ratatouille was such a pleasure to eat and will always remind of the South of France!! 

Dinner in a wine cellar at Rotisserie

Dinner in a wine cellar at La Rossettisserie

The one thing I ate everyday was vegan gelato. I have a couple go to spots in Old Town that make my mouth water thinking about the rich smooth dark chocolate, mmmmmmm!!!

Vegan Gelato in NiceThe one bit of shopping I did allow myself was buying my year supply of local olive oil from Nicolas Alziari. 

Divine!!! Perfect for salads and dressing, smooth and tasty.

Nicolas Alziari Olive Oil from Nice FranceMore than anything on this trip I wanted to rest in preparation for the long flight back to the US.  For me the day is over a 24hr work day. This year the days leading up to departure day were more about chilling rather than go-go running around. I have done that in previous years, visiting neighboring cities like Antibes and Monaco.  Nope, not this year. Low key all the way!!

Rooftop Breakfast in Nice

Rooftop Breakfast in Nice

Spent more time by the rooftop pool at my hotel getting blog work done and trying to relax without being cooped up in my room.

Blog Work by the Pool

Blog Work by the Pool

  1. Shanese Sibley says:

    The South of France is breathtaking!! Thanks for sharing some of the quaint spots that offer authentic treats! I now have some new places to try on my next visit!

  2. Terry Walker says:

    Glad I found you on Youtube,love this pictorial of your travels.This brings back the memory of wanting to go to school for flight attendanting in my days after graduating high school.

  3. menty says:

    omg, love your style so much, it’s the best fitting style for Rome’s summer days!!! Lovely, I’m also glad that you enjoyed Rome too 😀

  4. Vivian says:

    Great vacations I wonder if my sister the flight attendant has as much fun.

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