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Sooooo darlings a couple flights ago I was chatting with my boss that August is my 10th year as a corporate flight attendant.  Not only that, but HE was also my 1st “rookie flight.” I say rookie because as an Ex-B-baller that was what he called me when he found out it was my very 1st flight.

Miami Travel StoryGuys I remember that flight like it was yesterday!!  In fact I replay moments of that flight to remind myself that all the sweat and tears of today shape our tomorrow. Making a good first impression is far more powerful than I can say and never ever stop striving for your dreams and goals…you just might find them to be your reality sooner than you could possibly know.  It trips me out, like NEVER could I have pictured “air hosting” and traveling half the year as an ideal career for myself. Naturally, over that time, I have explored some freakin’ amazing cities. Many of those cities I have explored several times over. It has been like living in an ever changing remarkable dream.

Each month when I get my travel schedule I immediately note the days, where we are going, how long we are in each city AND THEN I begin planning out what I want to do if time allows.  Frequenting cities I love is beyond inspirational.

My Miami Travel Story

Welcome to Miami!!

I have lost count how many times I have visited the warm, strike that HOT, usually humid city filled with beautiful brown skin belonging to people from the Caribbean and Latin countries.  The city is a melting pot of diversity and culture and I LOVE IT!! The vibrance beckons visitors to partake in all that it has to offer. 

During my recent 4 day trip to Miami I had big plans while staying at the Marriott Biscayne Bay. With 3 full days all to myself I was not going to waste a single day.  I say HAD big plans because once I was there I was like eeehhhh I don’t feel like doing anything.  Like what!? You guys know me, if there is one thing I’m not good at it’s doing nothing.  

Therefore this post is dedicated to sharing the other truth that those like me in corporate aviation have to deal with, “alone” away from home with time on our hands.  Imagine going to Hawaii, New York, Paris, or Miami and your only company is yourself and 2 coworkers. You better damn well like yourself a whole lot is all I have to say.  Typically having myself as a date suits me just fine, but for some reason on this trip to Miami I felt really, I dunnno…blah.  

Here goes my Miami travel story…

Day One in Miami

Woke up.  Espresso with my boys aka my crew. GYM…Filmed my workout. 

Miami Travel Story - WorkoutDid lashes. Lunch alone at my hotel; a fluffy raw salad and crispy fries.  Took photos. That pretty much sums up my day. And it was PERFECT! It felt so good to do so little.

Day Two in Miami

Woke up.  Espresso with my boys. Worked out.  Lunch reservation: Wynwood Arts District at Mandolin Aegean, such a lovely lunch date with myself. 

Lunch at Mandolin AegeanKilled some time shop-hopping waiting to hear my boss’ catering request for the next day’s trip…until the heat wore my ass out.  

Back to my hotel. More waiting. Early evening I went down to the Marina to get a closer look at the manatees I saw that morning from above while at the gym.

Biscayne Bay Marina in Miami

Late salad at my hotel. Heard back just before bed that our trip was at an end, we would be returning home after a stop in Kentucky on the way.

That’s a wrap for my Miami travel story darlings! While some of my trips are filled with exciting new adventures, this trip was an opportunity to catch up on ME time.  My morning workouts and chilling out was exactly what I needed before heading back on the road. That’s the life of a traveling flight attendant.

  1. Nashé Berroa says:

    How did you become a Celebrity/Corporate Flight Attendant? I am looking into it tmas my 2nd career. I am 47! I also travel solo and do a lot of activities alone! Kudos to you! Love your blog!❤️

    • Tennille says:

      Hi Nashé❤️ Girrrrl, I know all about 2nd careers! I started out as an interior designer and after taking some time off to be a stay at home mom, I found myself struggling to get back into the work force. Ultimately that led me to pursue a career in aviation. I wrote a blog with some tips on how to become a corporate flight attendant… Check it out and let me know if you have any questions. Good luck and thanks for following along!

  2. Alisha says:

    Hey girl hey! Your fitness INSPIRES ME, and I just wanna know, do you typically eat salads for lunch & dinner?

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