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My life is a collection of moments and experiences. For me, those moments are further enhanced by the people I meet. My recent work trip to Park Hyatt St. Kitts – Nevis was filled with meaningful human connections and sooooo many unforgettable moments. It took mere minutes for me to go from LA girl to ISLAND GIRL!!

Banana Bay Beach St. KittsThis post is dedicated to the individuals that made my stay not only special but distinctive.

I will try to keep this bit short so we can get to “IG” worthy portion of my trip. The beautiful Park Hyatt resort that is splashed all over my feed is not the original hotel, ahem motel, that I was booked in. Soooo what had happened was… my pilots booked us into a motel that turned out to have some safety concerns like janky window and door locks, it was butt up against a bar alley, and the overall hygienic quality was very questionable. In my 10 years as a corporate flight attendant I have never had to do what I did which was leave my crew and stay in a different hotel (of course with approval). Speedy quick, we found only a few hotels with immediate availability, one of which was the Park Hyatt. Not gonna lie I was a bit nervous. The sun was setting and I had no idea where the hell I was headed and my tummy was doing some fear filled flip-flops. Real talk: Yes, I bounce around from city to city, but I am always with my crew so this random situation put me outside of my comfort zone. But there was also no way I could remain where I was.

Park Hyatt St. Kitts Review:

BIG thanks to the Park Hyatt because not only were they able to take an immediate booking but they treated me like an elite guest. On my 25 minute taxi ride clear across to the other side of the island my driver said (in my best island accent), “Oh my guudness ‘ya gunna LUV dis place!” As I’m writing this I am thinking back to the night I arrived and how welcoming Alexzia was while checking me in. While waiting for my room to be prepared she and I chatted, you know like you do when you meet someone you click with… I knew every little thing was gonna be alright!!!

Arriving at Park Hyatt St. Kitts
Get the Look: Yellow Dress


In a short moonlight golf cart ride through what appeared to be a mini tropical village I arrived to my room. 5 words: Modern. Open. Beautiful. Inspiring. Private.
I loved everything about my room. Spacious walk-in-closet (I love how the 1st thing I mention is the closet); lounge nook just like home; fabulous bathroom, and a balcony looking onto the sandy Banana Bay beach. Home for the next 7 nights was definitely lovely!!


Waking up in paradise with no plans, no obligations, and all alone what would you do?? For me I decided to do the one thing I’ve been promising myself to do for the last 6 months, get my ass back in the gym!! Feeling Q-UTE AF in my new Alo Yoga gear I wandered down a walkway that lead me through what appeared to be my very own tropical-village-paradise. Like seriously other than the gracious Hyatt staff I did not see a soul. The gym itself is located at the back of the property next to the hillside, adjacent to the Miraval Spa. The gym proved to be well appointed and completely deserted making it allll mine!! I had the best time; I recorded my workouts, sang & danced like always when I workout, and basically had a BLAST! On one morning, I decided to skip the gym and treated myself to a beachfront workout. It was absolutely breathtaking and surreal.



Gym Workout at Park Hyatt St. KittsGet the Look: Lounge Pants | Sports Bra | Adidas Boost


That first day at the gym I met, Val the spa hostess. If I’m not mistaken Val is Kittitian…aka a person born on St. Kitts. She patiently explained the proper name for a person born on St. Kitts and Nevis. This became my running query I asked of locals, “are you Kittitian or Neivan…” She also gave me a full tour of the spa, which lucky for me was deserted as well. The entire spa area is open to guests even if you do not have a scheduled treatment. Amenities include a secluded bath-temperature pool, gorgeous individual outdoor showers, steam room, sauna, and a lovely tea area (I went everyday for the hibiscus tea). The spa menu was totally LA style with fresh juices & smoothies and lovely salads that could be ordered there or via room service.

I did end up indulging in a spa treatment on about my 5th day there. I was hesitant because they were quite pricey at $200 bucks for a 50-min message…I don’t need a massage that bad! BUT Val offered me a neck, back, and shoulders massage for half the price sooooo how could I say no. Not to mention, the GM of the property suggested I get a treatment from Galio who I can say has magic hands indeed!!

Oh snap, how could I forget, up by the spa there is a family of monkeys. At this very moment I knew my stay at this resort was divine intervention!! Ebony, another sweetie pie spa attendant, snagged me to stealthily observe mom and her babies. Made me sooo happy, I was giddy like a child!!

Monkeys at Park Hyatt St. Kitts


I left my vegan calorie controlled dietary ways behind in LA for this trip. I was not about to pass up on fresh seafood and local dishes. Besides, I was working out right??

Fisherman’s Village Restaurant

I dined here my 1st night and I want to say 3 other nights during my stay including an all-you-can eat party that celebrated island dishes. I could not wait for dinner each night. The staff were so wonderful. They all knew my name and made me feel quite at home. They would say, “we can’t wait to see what you wear to dinner!” LOL. No pressure or anything, but yeah I made it a point to get “dressed” for my new island friends. AND THE FOOD… well…. The stand out for me was a curry prawn dish. It was A-MAZING! The curry was rich, flavorful, vibrant, and intoxicating. Very special!!

The Great House Restaurant

Hosting breakfast, most guests found themselves here each day. I ordered off the menu, but let me tell you the buffet looked so freakin’ bomb! People come from all over the island to the Park Hyatt just to experience their beachside breakfast. For me, I ate the vegan coconut chia porridge and the savory vegan chickpea omelette which was definitely the standout dish for me.
Dining at Big House Restaurant at Park Hyatt St Kitts

The Stone Barn Restaurant

The rainy romantic night I dined in this beautiful intimate setting I wanted to slow down time. The staff at this adult-only restaurant were attentive and greeted me with Kittian grace I quickly learned was just their way. Earlier that day I had the pleasure of meeting the executive chef of all the restaurants, the man responsible for opening each restaurant and literally putting together every detail of their thoughtful menus. I relied on him to select my meal. Although I must admit I found it hard to move past the brioche rolls and red bell pepper sauce…like yeah here I am in love with the free bread!! I knew then and there that the mushroom flatbread and half order of paella I ordered was going to be too much food. I can still taste the flatbread, my mouth waters with the memory of eating it!! NO LIE!! By the time I got to the paella I swear my tummy was like are you kidding me…but somehow I found room for the seafood (I had to skip the rice).

My time at the Park Hyatt – St. Kitts Resort was in so many ways an unexpected treat. A week in paradise all to myself to relax, reflect and recharge. It truly reminded me of how important it is to slow down and take in the beauty of life around me. I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year.

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