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I’m so in LOVE with my Away luggage. I mean look at this gorgeous suitcase.Away Luggage

You guys know I travel ALOT. I’d say I’m away from home about 50% of the year. And when you travel as much as I do, there is a list of travel necessities that you just can’t skimp on and luggage is high on that list. So I’m sure you’re wanting to know what makes this luggage so great.

Why I love Away luggage:


When I say I can’t skimp on my luggage I mean it. I travel for a living so investing in high quality luggage is a must. When it’s time to buy luggage, I know I’m about to drop some serious cash …think $1,400 for a piece of luggage. Ouch!! Needless to say, when I was  introduced to the Away brand of luggage I was instantly amazed at the price point (and honestly a little skeptical). Their “Bigger Carry On” bag size starts at only $295! I’ll take them all!


It goes without saying this baby is BEAUTIFUL! I chose the Aluminum Edition bag and I’m so happy with my selection. This bag is soooo ME. Sleek, modern, and minimal. The exterior of the Aluminum Edition bags will show marks from handling, so if that’s not for you, you’ll want to go with a different finish. As for me, I quite like that. The markings will be like little battle scars that I can show with pride to reflect all my hard work and travels.Away Suitcase Detail


Away luggage is so well thought out. Each side of the bag has its own designated use. One side for softer items like clothing and another side for harder items like my blow dryer, beauty bags and shoes. The interior has the perfect depth for my toiletry bag. And I shouldn’t forget to mention that the luggage wheels roll splendidly. The wheels are super quiet and seemlessly turn 360 degrees. I don’t typically need locks on my bags but for those who need it, the bag does include a TSA approved lock. Away Luggage Interior Design


I LOVE LOVE LOVE that this bag has a removable battery. In fact, my pilot mentioned if the battery wasn’t removable I wouldn’t be able to bring it on the plane. Rechargeable battery packs are a fire hazard on planes, but the folks at Away are on top of things and designed an ejectable battery pack. Last but not least, the bag even came with international charger adapters! Isn’t that thoughtful? I am  super impressed! They must have known I was on my way to Rome this weekend ✈Packing Essentials with Away International Charger converter

Now that I think of it, I better get to packing. If you’re curious about some of the things I never leave home without and other fun facts about life in corporate aviation, be sure to check out my feature in Here Magazine: “The Secret Life of a Corporate Flight Attendant” written by the fabulous Tianna Attride.

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