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It’s the beginning of August and I would say I’m about 2/3 done with the library.  Let’s see, all the paint work is done…wait that’s a lie! I forgot I still need to paint the base and trim. Okay so the library is a bit less than 2/3 done.  Where were we, yes, let me catch you up really quick on the progress. Basically I’ve tackled all the biggies:

  • Bookcases / Shelves sanded and painted
  • Walls, Ceiling, existing mirror and fireplace painted
  • Base and Trim Molding cut and installed
  • Added a perfectly matched ottoman
  • Installed Botanical Wall Paper

One super cool (and thankfully quick) mini-project I recently finished in my long list of mini projects is my office chair makeover.  I intended to buy a classic yet modern desk chair (perhaps an Eames chair). I’ve actually dreamed of owning an Eames piece but alas the girls forbade me from getting rid of our old one.  Before and After Office Chair Makeover

Hmmmm, so what do you do with a rusted poo-poo brown chair? Paint it black of course!! Mike and I bought this chair second-hand about 7 years ago for maybe $25 bucks. It was in great condition and we loved its classic style, a perfect library chair with rubber wheels.  At the time, my only thought was to have the back & seat cushion re-foamed and reupholstered with black leather. Turned out to be a great decision because fast forward to present day and all I needed to do to was update it with black paint.

To best achieve the look I was going for I went with black spray paint with a satin finish.  The subtle sheen in my mind would pair nicely with the existing shiny chrome details on the chair.

How to DIY Office Chair Makeover

You will need:

Office Chair Makeover: Getting Started
  1. Remove chair pads
  2. Brighten chrome with steel wool to remove rust
  3. Tape off chrome and wheelsPrep Chair Before Painting
  4. Lightly sand existing painted areas with 120 sandpaper.  This will remove rust and make for a slight rough surface for the spray paint to adhere to.
Office Chair Makeover: Spray Painting Metal Frame
  1. Spray using smooth even strokes about 12 inches from surface.  I like to spray in light layers waiting 30 minutes between each layer, just enough to cover the surface.  My number one tip is TAKE YOUR TIME!!!! No need to hurry the process. Remember a smooth even finish is worth you taking extra care and patience.  Should you rush, you will get drip marks that will need to be sanded and repainted to remove.Detail Touch Up Paint
  2. Wait several hours before removing the tape. I waited 24 hours.
  3. Once the tape is off you may have areas that the spray paint missed. Spray paint on your papered work area.  Using a fine paint brush, dip it in the wet paint and carefully touch up any needed areas.Close Detail Touch Up_Office Chair Makeover

And voila, a beautiful just like new office chair for my library! DIY Office Chair Makeover

Coming Soon…

Now that I’ve wrapped up my office chair makeover, all that remains is the fun stuff. Here’s my list of decorative elements that I’m hoping will bring life to my conservatory inspo.

  • Plants obviously. I guess that means I actually need to buy 1-2 plants and not just visit nurseries
  • Paint the dratted trim and base
  • Wait for sustainable handmade rug to arrive (estimated to ship late September)
  • Have custom glass cut for desktop (while I was in Rome Mike went to our glass wholesaler for samples)
  • Design layout of books / bookshelves
  • Almost forgot lighting.  I finally settled on a lighting plan, which is MA-JOR. Mike and I had to agree so… anyway we agreed on 30 small recessed LED’s which are the exact same ones we used throughout the house.

All in all I am pretty pleased with my progress at this point.  For sure the whole spray gun/paint experience with my Library remodel kicked my ass, in the best way mind you, but still.  I feel like the mini projects that remain are a matter of me prioritizing time to knock them out. I forecast a completion date of early October with the arrival of the rug…the rug is an important décor element. The library project won’t be completed without it!!

In the meantime, I can’t wait to share the details on my botanical backsplash feature wall I just completed using peel and stick wall paper!! It’s stunning!! So stay tuned darlings!

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