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As we begin another year I want to say a BIG THANKS for following along during 2017, the first year of TTL!!  We are opening 2018 much the same way we began last year, with all my top beauty products that are I will repurchase in the coming year.  The empties have been piling up just waiting to be featured in this post.  To be fair there are a few oldie but goodies from last year’s re-fill list and all fairness they deserve to be mentioned Again!! Without further ado darlings, here is my must try beauty products for 2018!

Must Try Beauty Products of 2018TOP BEAUTY PRODUCTS OF 2017 / MUST TRY BEAUTY PRODUCTS FOR 2018:

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme

One tube of this delicious smelling tacky balm lasts me all year.  It creates a lasting softening barrier for all those areas that get friction throughout the day.  I find it to be great for feet, elbows, or super cracked dry hands especially during cold weather months.  As you know by now using all natural products is a way of life for me.  The all natural ingredients found in this super affordable tube are 99.4% plant based, like olive oil, coconut oil, and rosemary leaf oil.  Awesome right?!

Glossier Milky Cleanser

I have so much love for this gentle but hard working cleanser.  It cuts through oil & makeup leaving my sensitive, oily skin fresh and clean.  I use it morning and night; 2-3 pumps at night and 1 pump in the morning.  You can use this silky smooth product dry or wet, it’s totally up to you.  I (or rather the girls and I) must have gone through maybe 4 or 6 bottles between the 3 of us just in 2017!!  I enrolled us in Glossier’s automatic ship option. So gosh darn amazing knowing our highly used face cleanser basically never runs out!!  We have bottles in each our bathrooms and of course it’s a staple in my travel toiletry bag.  Get on this products guys, you will not be disappointed.

Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Face Mist

Face mists are all the rage right now.  But are they just another thing to spend money on or do they really work? Know what I say, to each his or her own!!  I can not say definitively if it “works”, BUT  I mean spritzing your face with a fresh scented, skin calming, beauty water just feels like a luxurious treat!!  This delightful bottle is a newcomer to my skin care drawer and was an instant love.  I use it at night as my last step in my skincare routine.  Its all-natural plant based ingredients hydrate and soothe my skin making it ready for bed.  A few ingredients include coconut water, hibiscus flower, and rose water.

Nars Body Oil

Yes, I am brown but this gorgeous smelling product makes my skin glow!!  You know all of my Insta posts with glowing almost glistening skin? Well it’s thanks in large part to this sweet oil.  One bottle is more than enough for one year.  I apply it after I get dressed as it transfers to fabric if not careful.  If you ask me this makes for a great “hint” gift when Valentine’s Day rolls around.  It’s a bit pricey so why not let the one who loves you spoil your skin with a bottle?!  

Radha Rosehip Oil

This all natural 100% organic product is A-mazing and will ALWAYS make my top beauty essential list.  If you darlings have not tried this restorative oil then you need to click below now!!  Sorry to bully you, but it has the unsurpassed ability to transform your skin like no other product can.  It heals blemishes, lightens dark spots and moisturizes skin all at the same time.  This generous bottle I get from Amazon is super affordable, so affordable in fact that May adds it to her body lotion to give her full body the healing benefits.  Read more how and why I use it on the post we did a while back dedicated to my obsession with rosehip oil.

Mario Badescu Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion

I bought this product because I read great things about it and was looking for a natural toner that the girls and I could use.  After like 2 weeks I knew it would be a keeper.  This toner is extra extra gentle and contains no alcohol.  The grapefruit contains natural alpha hydroxy acids or AHA that helps brighten and revitalize skin.  Another affordable, hard working yet gentle product that seriously everyone can use.

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion

If you get occasional acne or period bumps then promise me you’ll try this product!!  New to my the skin care arsenal, this powerful little bottle of pre-pimple fighting lotion works miracles while you sleep.  I added it to this year’s list because my 15 year old baby Xia swears by its results.  In a nutshell, at night, apply the lotion to freshly cleansed skin on any break out area or any spot where you can feel a bump forming.  Overnight it will reduce the appearance and even eradicate bumps before they even pop up!!  Some products say they can kill your pre-pimple bumps but this one actually works…I mean obviously it does the bottle is empty.  The couple times I tried it I could not believe the super fast acting results…I sound like an AD huh?  Well it’s only because it is the shiz!!   

Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

For a 2nd year in a row the Mega Greens mask has made the New Year’s essential post because it remains a superstar in my house!  This plant based all-natural detoxifying salad for you face pulls out impurities using kaolin clay revealing the most happy skin ever!  It makes my skin so smooth and improves my complection.  Actually a few months back I told you guys how it’s my go-to mask after flying and it’s because it resets my jetlagged face with loads of nutrients and antioxidants.  This product appeals to my hippie bohemian values in every way possible!

Glossier Lip Gloss

I love to wear clear lip gloss, like when I run to the market or to give my lips that bit of extra shine over my lip color.  What I don’t like is sticky tacky gloss that feathers and gets all yucky, you know what I mean!  Well, thanks to Glossier’s formulation darlings you can have glassy shiny lips you will love.  Oh, and it lasts…It doesn’t just melt away!  The girls and I use the heck out of this gloss, which is cool with me because it’s price point is affordable so I can afford to keep our lips stocked and glossy!!!!

Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red Matte Lipstick

I can not say enough about this lipstick!!  The color is striking against my skin tone and the finish is matte but not drying at all.  Whenever I wear it, which is just about every damn day, I get asked about this color at least a couple.  This year alone I’ve replaced this lipstick 3 times…I must be eating the stuff or something I mean what can I say?!  To be fair it is kinda expensive, but I have to have it so I spend the money on it.  If you do decide to treat yourself to a luxurious tube of Red Carpet Red you will not be disappointed.

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand Concealer in Shade 4

To all my over 30 eyes out there, concealer is the brightener that like Charlotte says, “…is the perfect antidote to tired dull under eyes.”  If you want a concealer that fills in lines without creasing, moves & stretches with your face all while maintaining bright under eye area then bust out your credit cards and try this product!! Sigh…this freaking eye wand is stellar.  I sigh because as much as I love it there is not enough product in it.  I ran out of this product like 4 maybe 6 months ago and still haven’t replaced it even though it’s AMAZING!  It is quite expensive and my beauty habits add up quickly, so I had to be cut throat. This wand is double sided: One side is a cream that has hyaluronic acid that firms under eyes or at least gives the appearance of firmness which is good enough for me.  The other side is smooth concealer that hides the hollows of eyes with light reflecting particles.  It is has finely coated Mother-of-Pearl — I told you it’s extra fancy!!  Once I restock this concealer I think it will have to be for days I work when I really ask a lot from skin.  

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows in Clear

Yes, another bomb product from CT.  Leave it to me to find a luxury eyebrow gel that I CANNOT live without!  High End all the way, but in this case my wispy little brows deserve it.  I do not care how much it costs I replace this product as soon as I see it running out. Actually, May uses it too, but in a brown color.  We have small brows and most all the products out there are just too heavy for us.  This brow gel gives THE MOST natural finish!  I use a brow pencil then set my fine hairs with my CT clear gel.  AND the spooly applicator is super tiny, like it’s just PERFECT!  I get sorta anxious when it’s running low, brows are super crucial…in fact I just went to CT the other day to refill our eyebrow gels.

Dior Addict Lip Glow Balm in Coral

This year we posted a blog on my favorite balms including this one by Dior.  This habit forming balm is a staple for my lippys — it just feels so damn silky and luxurious!!  It comes in a variety of shades but I have only used the Coral color, it works well with the cool tones in my lips.  Do I need this balm, no, but I love it so much!!  This is one of those buys that I don’t even try to justify, I buy it because it makes me happy.

Whew! 2018 was a blessed year! Well that’s a wrap for my Must Try Beauty Products for 2018! I’m so so excited to bring in the new year with you darlings! Thanks for following along and for all the supportive notes and comments throughout the year. I look forward to all that 2018 has to teach me and I can’t wait for all the new adventures. Have a happy, healthy new year!

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