Valentine's Day Brunch
Valentine’s Day Brunch
Valentine’s day 2021 is the first one in nearly 10 years that I’m home.  I only mention that because FOR ME, if I waited for a special day on the calendar to…
5 Lipstick Colors Every Brown Girl Needs
VLOG: 5 Lipsticks Every Brown Girl Needs
It's taken me years to build up my lipstick wardrobe with the perfect lipstick shades that work for my skin tone. Check out my picks for the 5 Lipsticks every brown girl…
Wardrobe Basics
My Current Wardrobe Basics
A couple weeks ago over on Instagram we did a poll asking for your feedback for the content topics you darlings wanted to see from TTL.  One recurring topic was, -Can you…
Amazon Fashion
My Fall Amazon Fashion Picks

Click the photos below to shop. Disclosure: My small business earns a small commission when you shop using the links below.

Brimes Cabinets from Ikea

Nook Update | New Beauty Cabinet

Babes it has been long overdue for a design related blog to come out on TTL!!  For those of you new to TTL, in my twenties I used to be an interior…

My Closet Reveal
My Closet Reveal
The long awaited closed reveal vlog is now live! Now,…

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