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For the last 45 years I’ve been trying to create a life that resembles me. On my recent trip to New York with custom beauty brand Prose, it hit me. Little my little, step by step I’ve been molding, shaping and creating a life that feels authentically me. It’s the ultimate goal in life. Chasing our purpose and finding the confidence to be who we truly are – finding beauty in the characteristics that make us all unique. We each have a unique way of expressing and presenting ourselves to the world. We all want to be seen. All these thoughts, inspired by my brand trip with Prose. That’s because Prose approaches their beauty brand differently, by celebrating each persons uniqueness with both custom skincare and custom haircare products made for you.

custom skincare x prose

And babes, I got the behind the scenes scoop of their custom beauty brand which includes haircare and skincare. Before my trip I wondered, how could a brand of this size truly be custom? What are they actually doing to be “custom”? I’m not sure what I was expecting to discover but I was actually blown away by what I learned.

What Makes Prose custom? 

It all begins with an online consultation that asks you about your hair/skin, your lifestyle, life stage, your environment, etc. But what happens next is where the magic lies. We got to start our Prose factory tour by creating our very own custom shampoo. Taking our consultation results, Prose created a unique formula for every single one of us on the tour. And babes, no two recipes were alike! Each formula accounted for factors like hair thinning, dandruff, frizziness, hair texture, stress levels, whether or not you color treat your hair, heat style your hair, is your hair dry or damaged, and the list goes on and on, all the way to your preferred scent. Babes it even accounts for the water hardness levels based on where you live. I was blown away!

Prose Custom Skincare | Custom Haircare

Think about it babes. How often do you buy shampoo and have to make a decision, “do I buy the shampoo that’s made for my curly hair, or do I go with the one that helps with my dry hair, or my white hair? Or the one that’s made for my color treated hair or dandruff?” We all have a combination of hair factors and needs that are often impossible to account for in one store bought shampoo or hair product. But Prose factors for it all!! 

I started using Prose hair products in 2020 and it was honestly the first time a hair collection gave me consistent results. I always wondered what hocus pocus magic they were putting into their products and now I know. Their products are truly MADE FOR ME with specific ingredients for my hair’s needs. GET YOUR FREE PROSE HAIR CONSULTATION!

And the same goes for their custom skincare. I love their products and highly recommend, especially if you’re just getting started with skincare and don’t know where to start. Prose makes it easy by creating products for YOUR skin’s needs. GET YOUR CUSTOM PROSE SKINCARE FORMULA!

Custom skincare

More Things to Love About Prose

I’m not sure why it never occurred to me before the tour, but Prose only makes products that are sold. That means you won’t find excess products sitting on shelves. By replacing the mass produced  model with a made to order model, Prose is able to create significantly less waste. If fact, Prose is a a carbon-neutral company. Seeing behind the scenes, allowed me to appreciate the brands efforts to prioritize people and the planet over profit. All of their products are made right here in the U.S. – in Brooklyn, New York to be exact. The tour allowed me to appreciate the people behind the brand, putting so much love and care into every step of each custom order.


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