What I Wore In Lake Tahoe: Snow Day



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Lake Tahoe was a blast! And you know what babes? I’m so happy with my snow day purchases. Honestly, it had been years since I spent the day in the snow and literally didn’t own any snow clothes. I didn’t really want to spend a crazy amount of money on a ski suit, but I also wanted to make sure that I was warm and cozy for snow mobiling. Babes, I couldn’t be happier with the ski suit I bought from Amazon. If you’ve been to the snow recently, then I’m sure you know that snow gear can get pretty expensive. Everything I was seeing on Revolve or similar sites was $500+. I was not about to spend that on clothes I rarely use. I’m happy to report that my Amazon ski suit was super chic and functional. It was literally snowing during our snow mobile ride with temps at 30 degrees and this suit kept me warm and dry. While I wore black, it comes in tons of super cute colors. I did invest in a pair of super cute moon boots (I got them on sale here). These boots are so EXTRA but they were totally worth the splurge. Again, they’re super functional, kept me warm and dry and I love that the boots fits a range of sizes so May and Xia will totally be able to wear them too.

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In case you missed it, you can check out my snow day below.

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