I Can Buy Myself Flowers



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I’ve arrived at a time in my life that I recognize I am deserving of the love and attention I give EVERYBODY else. It’s not crazy that loving myself means I buy myself fresh blooms simply because they lift me up on sight. Finding pleasure in little things, and seeing the romantic scallop petals of ranunculus, that’s the type of thing that literally brings me happiness throughout the day. 

I Can Buy Myself Flowers

Listen darlings, there is not a person alive who does not like receiving flowers.  IF you say you don’t like flowers your pants are on fire…just stop lyin’!! LOL!!  Tell me if this rings a bell: Some “flower expecting” holiday rolls around and we sit back and hope that someone will give us flowers. I’m guilty – I’ll raise my hand to that!!  The disappointment washes over you. And  basically over time we have convinced ourselves that we don’t want to be loved with a big bouquet of blooms. Like, ehhh I don’t really like flowers much anyway.  That’s garbage!!  

YOU can buy yourself flowers. Think about it. How can we sit around waiting for others to show us love when we aren’t showing others how we like to be loved? I know babes, it’s hard to step back and give yourself something.  Let alone something that will last for a week at most. For the majority of my life I have had to prioritize everything and everyone else. Somehow, flowers for Tennille never made the priority list. I feel sad when I think about it.  And that’s a shame. The act of buying myself flowers is a beautiful form of self care. It affirms that I am deserving. It’s empowering. 

When I was in High School growing up in South Central LA I lived near a Conroy’s Flower Shop. Do you babes remember them??? Anyway, not a shmancy shop or anything but they sold flowers by the stem for a decent price. Whenever a friend had a birthday, I gave them a card and a single gerber daisy. The card cost me maybe $3 and the daisy another $3. So for a total of $6 I found a way to celebrate a friend that made them feel loved and special. Maybe I ruined it for myself at the age of 14!! LOL!!  Did my sentimentality set me up for disappointment as an adult??

One thing for sure, that teenage girl has not lost her love for fresh flowers. In fact my passion for filling my home with multiple vases of seasons blooms is renewed. These days I get flowers from the market, like my local Trader Joes. But to my complete delight, I recently found a lovely florist in my new neighborhood. They sell gorgeous flowers by the stem just how I like it. 

Bouquet of Flowers

The key for me has been identifying the things that lift me up on sight. Prioritizing my own love and care. Putting arrangements together are small reminders of this love and care that I give myself. 

Ranunculus Flower Arrangement

  1. Kisha says:

    Tenille, as women we wear so many hats through the various stages of our lives (daughter, wife, mom, etc). It is easy to forget to take moments out for ourselves and do the little things that make us happy and allow us to remember who we are as individuals. Keep taking those precious moments without feeling like you are being selfish. We all deserve our me time and me moments!

  2. M Phillips says:

    Simply Beautiful

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