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I’m 44 and for the record I don’t consider myself old. BUT the one thing I will say is, the older I get the harder it has become to feel comfortable in bed. It’s like out of nowhere, sleeping became painful. I couldn’t roll over or get out of bed without making aching groans. What good am I if I  can’t get out of bed in the morning? Over the last 4 or 5 years I’ve had to make some bedroom upgrades for the sake of my sleep health. And now, in order to get the best sleep possible I can’t sleep without my….

Things I Can't Sleep Without

Can’t Sleep Without My…

Knee Pillow: This is a weird thing I never knew I needed but it’s literally a game changer. I have struggled with back pain for the last 5 years. Being a side sleeper was wreaking havoc on my back until I discovered the knee pillow! Knee pillows help align your spine while you sleep and relieve pressure in your hips and spine. I’m telling you babes, if you’re a side sleeper, you’re going to want to get you one of these! 

Coop Pillow: This adjustable pillow allows you to create the perfect density. Depending on your personal preference, you can add or remove the memory foam to give you the perfect nights sleep. I have a cooling pillow case on it which is a must! 

Heating Pad: Okay, so the heating pad is for when you gotta bring out the big guns. At the first twinge of back  pain, I bust out my heating pad. Heck, I even used to travel with my heating pad during my flight attending days. 

Adjustable Base + Mattress: My adjustable base and mattress are worth EVERY PENNY! I might not have ever imagined myself saying this ten years ago, but today, the best investment in my home is hands down 100% my adjustable bed and mattress. Let’s start with the adjustable base. My base comes with the ability to adjust the head and foot of the bed. Sounds fancy but why do I need this? It all comes back to my back pain. Being able to adjust the base allows me to set the perfect position to help relieve pressure on my back. Another favorite feature of my base is the vibration setting. Rock me to sleep baby! No joke, I turn on the vibration and I’m knocked out in under 5 minutes. When I upgraded my base, I also upgraded my mattress. Obviously, the perfect mattress firmness varies from person to person so I won’t go into that. For me, the must-have mattress feature is the cooling technology. Ever since my hysterectomy, I need all the things that keep me cool at night. 

Can't Sleep Without My Adjustable Base Mattress

Fan: Speaking of things that keep me cool, I can’t sleep without my fan. If you’ve ever had a hot flash, you’ll understand just how important my fan is to me. I have a Vornado DC fan – it’s ultra quiet. It kicks ass in circulating air without it being oscillating. Double bonus – its energy efficient using 80% less energy than a comparable AC motor product.  

Ellis Brooklyn CBD Lotion: Okay babes, I know this is a bit pricey but it’s worth every penny. It’s the best CBD lotion I’ve ever used. It’s highly effective at reducing inflammation. It’s not instantaneous but it’s damn near. I’ve been having some shoulder pain and this works wonders!

Theragun Mini: After applying my CBD lotion to my pain points, I use my theragun mini for a deep tissue massage before bed. The mini size is perfect for travel and it has a long battery life. This is a must in my arsenal! 

Pillow Spray: I love using pillow spray when I make my bed every day. It really sets the mood when I get into bed. It’s so calming, refreshing and relaxing. My two favorites are REN Pillow Spray and OSEA Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist.

Natural Fiber Pajamas: I have plenty of lounge wear options but when it comes time to sleep, I can only sleep in a slip dress. It’s the only way to stay cool at night. Love this one from Mason Grey. And babes, don’t sleep on Mason Grey robes. I have several and can’t get enough of them!

Can you darlings relate? What are some things you can’t sleep without?



  1. Keishsam says:

    Been thinking of an adjustable base or bed. Thanks for your insight.

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