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Full confession babes. I don’t like camping. But, I’m sure you all knew that already LOL! I’m more of a 5 star hotel kind of girl. So when I was invited to the Cocokind “Glamping” Retreat at AutoCamp in Joshua Tree I was full-on expecting the trip to be at least a little outside of my comfort zone. I knew we weren’t full on roughing it in tents but I honestly didn’t quite know what to expect. To my surprise, this place full on exceeded my expectations. 

Glamping at Autocamp in Joshua Tree

Glamping at AutoCamp Joshua Tree

Each guest stayed in our very own airstream. The airstreams are the cutest and they had all the amenities you would find in a hotel and then some

  • Bathroom: I’m not gonna lie, the bathroom situation was my biggest concern. Fortunately, my airstream had a full bathroom and it was everything I could have hoped for. This was huge for me – like dealbreaker huge. I would not have been able to be in a situation where I needed leave the comfort of my room to use some type of outdoor camping type restroom. Not happening LOL! Not when I’m waking up in the middle of the night to pee. The style of the bathroom was modern yet cozy. It was beautifully tiled which surprised me for a travel trailer. For those who asked about the toilet situation – it was a regular toilet. Heck it even had two levels of flushing. The counter space in the bathroom was decent, so I could lay out my skincare and toiletries. Honestly, I’ve stayed in some hotels with less counter space. The use of space in the bathroom (and throughout the  airstream) was very thoughtful and efficient. 
  • AC/Heating: Was very happy about this one!  I don’t know how many of you know this, but managing my body temperature is a big factor in managing my hot flashes. So yes, AC/Heating is a MUST! Not to mention it got down to 30 degrees at night. This LA girl is not cut out for being that cold. 
  • Sleep: The sleeping arrangements were surprisingly comfortable. The bedroom had a queen bed with memory foam mattress. You know your girl needs to sleep with a knee pillow to help with my back pain and the bed came with plenty of pillows to accommodate my sleep style. Space wise, the airstream had 1 queen bed and a sofa that converted into a bed. It could have easily slept 2 people (or 3 if sharing the queen bed). 
  • BBQ/Dining: Each airstream is like its own little home. Outside is a semi-private dining space with a grill and lounge area. 
  • Hotel-like Amenities: The airstreams feel very much like an outdoor themed hotel. The airstream has a menu to order room service. You also have in- room amenities like a tea kettle, French press, fridge, cast iron pans to use on the grill, and microwave. There’s also WiFi access (although I had trouble getting on WiFi until my last day), USB ports, and a flatscreen TV in the bedroom.  Instead of a hotel lobby, the AutoCamp has a clubhouse.

My Packing Essentials

I’m an efficient packer, but not a light packer. After over a decade of traveling for a living, I know that packing the right items is a big factor in enjoying myself on the road. That was definitely true for having a good time in Joshua Tree. The temperature was the biggest factor to consider; I knew the temperature was going to be in the 50’s during the day and then drop down to the 30’s at night. So I came prepared! 

Dress Warm and Comfortably: I brought along plenty of layers for my two night stay. 

  • Silk Base Layer x Smart Wool 
  • Leggings
  • Sweaters
  • Joggers 
  • Gloves
  • Ear Muffs
  • Warm Socks
  • Brunch Slippers
  • Hiking Shoes x New Balance
  • APL Sneakers
  • Bottega Veneta Boots
  • Hand Warmers
  • Scarves
  • VS Pajamas 
  • J. Crew Puffer Coat
  • Parka Puffer Jacket x Common Sense

What I wore In Joshua Tree

What’s In My Makeup Bag: This is “Glam”-ping so a little makeup glam is allowed and expected! 

  • True Botanicals Tinted PF  
  • Hourglass Concealer
  • Hourglass Lip Oils
  • Hourglass Mascara
  • Tower 28 Blush
  • Freck Blush
  • Kjaer Weis Blush
  • Makeup x Mario Eye Shadow

Body Care: 

  • Cocokind Ceramide Recovery Balm: This was such a necessity! Not only were we dealing with the dryness that comes with the cold weather, but Joshua Tree is at a higher elevation which makes it more drying as well. 
  • Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen is my everyday fav! It literally goes on clear – with zero white cast.
  • Body Cream and Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil x Costa Brazil – so luxe!

Travel Gear: 

Well babes, it turns out I’m a glamping pro! It didn’t hurt that Joshua Tree was breathtaking and Cocokind was so thoughtful with every detail of the trip. We were treated to lymphatic facial massages, a sound bath led by Atlanta Marie, beautifully prepared meals, and so many thoughtful moments. Since I didn’t have great WiFi connection, I was able to slow down and really disconnect. And you know what babes, I had the best time. This trip was just what I needed! I’m so grateful to Cocokind and Priscilla Tsai (Owner of Cocokind and someone I’m lucky to call a friend). 

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