Holiday’s Got You Stressed? 5 Things I Do to Reset



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I think we can all agree that the holiday season can be a bit stressful. For me specifically, things are feeling a bit heavy. I just moved. I’m in a new phase of my life. I worry about the normal things – my business, finances, and just keeping my head on straight LOL. It feels like we’re in an awkward stage of somewhat coming out of a pandemic but still feeling a bit worried about health. And to top it off, we’re possibly heading into a recession. All this, without even considering the holidays which is the busiest and most stressful time of the year. More than ever, we need coping mechanisms, things that bring comfort or a way to escape. Here are 5 things I do to reset that have been really been helping me destress and reduce anxiety. 

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5 Things I do to Reset: 

  1. Exercise: When it comes to exercise I may not always want to do it, but I know I’ll thank myself later. I feel like a different person after I exercise. It improves my focus and overall mood. I may not be able to control how my day is going to go, but when I take the time to exercise in the morning, I’ve started my day out with a win. I also feel my most confident when I’m consistent with my workouts. It’s truly the best therapy I can give myself!
  2. Tea Time Ritual: Teatime is the ultimate ME-time! I find the ritual of making and drinking tea to be especially calming and soothing. It’s like my own form of meditation. 
  3. Read: Sometimes we all need to detach from reality. For the first time in years, I’ve picked up reading again and it is bringing me so much joy. The perfect escape from a long day. I’ve really been enjoying books x Colleen Hoover. They are the perfect Netflix drama in a book. The perfect mix of drama, comedy, love…very entertaining. The first Colleen Hoover book I read was It Ends With Us and now I’m reading Ugly Love (and Verity is next on my list). Reading really helps take my mind away which is the perfect way to destress. coping mechanisms
  4. Practice Gratitude: I’m not gonna lie, the last few months have been rough but something that has really helped is making time each day to practice gratitude. I promise babes, if you sit for just 5-10 minutes each day and write down what you’re grateful for, it will bring you so much peace and positivity. It’s impossible to be angry and grateful at the same time. Practicing gratitude pushes away the negativity and makes room for love and joy in your life. 
  5. Daily Chats with My BFF I would be in an insane asylum by now if it weren’t for my best friend, Carol. She makes me feel like I’m not going crazy. She relates to everything, helps me put things in perspective, and can always make me feel better about anything I’m stressing about. She is my ride or die soul sister, someone I can always count on, who loves me unconditionally, and believes in me more than I believe in myself sometimes. I say this all the time, but everyone needs a Carol in their life. When it comes to friendships, look for quality over quantity. One friend who lifts you up and wants to see you succeed is worth their weight in gold.

These are the top things that having been working for me. What are some things you to do destress and reset?

  1. Monique says:

    These are all great suggestions. Beautiful practices. I try to look at some of these as my rituals because it makes me feel like I’m honoring myself, inner and outer. 💕

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