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Okay babes I’m coming at you with another post on organization because ya’ll seem to like it!! This time around let’s take a peek into one of the most used appliances in a home, the refrigerator. As such a highly used space it’s no wonder that it can get messy and downright yucky!! I want to help you take your fridge to the next level with my fridge organization hacks so you can make super cute TikToks and hit up Pinterest with your accomplishment!! But for real tho, I want each time you  open your refrigerator door you are filled with the most satisfying feeling because each item has a proper place, that anyone can maintain, and of course looks beautiful!!

Fridge Organization TipsIn case you are new here at TTL, I recently moved into a new townhouse which came with a standard side-by-side refrigerator. My previous home had sub zeros which are a lot wider and more shallow in depth than my new place. So yeah, I had a significant step-down in cubic space – which is kinda sucky if i’m being honest. But not so sucky that I couldn’t figure out HOW to make my new situation function as well if not better than my old place. 

I moved in with loads of clear storage bins (similar to this one and this one), the kind I love for the refrigerator and pantry cabinets for the simple reason that you can see through them!! Most of my bins were purchased over the years as needed from Home Goods which was an affordable way to achieve my whole fridge organizing scheme. So please darlings know that this project can be done on a budget and most importantly can be achieved over time. 

To bin or not to bin?? How to decide which perishable item should have its very own designated bin?

Deciding which items are worthy of a bin is gonna differ from home to home. Items purchased in multiples or that kinda get lost in the fridge are ideal for a bin. For example I do a ton of juicing so having each produce item in a bin allows for easy access and frees up the standard crisper area. The freakin’ crisper bins are never enough for all my produce!! 

Items you might want to bin:

  1. Quick grab snacks like yogurt cups or squeezy ones for kids
  2. Small beverages like kombucha or muscle milk
  3. Produce – this can literally be anything!! From apples to carrots or berries
  4. Dips and spreads
  5. Eggs
  6. Cheese and sandwich meats

The idea is to be able to see everything in a quick snapshot and NOT have to go digging or hunting for that one pack of pepper jack cheese!!

Getting yourself set up with the RIGHT bins

Step 1: Identify what size bins you need based on the items you are wanting to store.   

Step 2: Before you run to the store do some quickie measurements of what you can fit and what configuration will allow you to maximize the shelves. 

Step 3: Do some online reconnaissance. Like I said, at the time I found Home Goods to be the cheapest but nowadays Amazon might be your best bet. And for specialty bins I always turn to The Container Store. OMG babes really quick – you gotta check out my newest bins that I grabbed from TCS!! You know salad spinners?? Well the same brand makes produce storage bins that maintain ideal humidity for any and all produce!!  Totally solved the issue of not enough crisper space – SCORE!!  AND they work like a dream. 

OXO Good Grips GreenSaver Produce Keeper

Another must have bin is an egg holder. I particularly like this one that I found from Amazon because it holds up to 18 eggs, but even more so because of the easy access. I can easily grab a few eggs without opening a container or pulling out the entire container from the fridge. 

Egg Holder Container

Ok so where were we… If shopping online you can see the dimensions and oftentimes buy in bundles which also saves you $$$. If you do go the HG route you are limited to what  they have on hand on that particular day so be sure to have your dimensions on hand when going in store, AND babes, take your tape measure because you never know what gems you’ll find!! 

Step 4: Wash your new bins (duh) and get to adding your perishable goods to them!!

Step 5: Label bins. You can totally skip this step because anyone can see what’s in each bin  when it’s full. But once they’re empty you run the risk of any old item being tossed in your perfectly organized situation!! Labels make it absolutely sure that nobody can mess up your hard work.  For me, it’s a must!

Label Your Fridge Storage Containers

Shop What’s in My Fridge:

+ Produce Keeper Bins

+ Clear Bins Set of 8

+ Clear Bins Set of 4

+ Egg Holder

+ Health-Ade Kombucha

+ Mush Oatmeal

+ Refillable Bottles

Fridge Organization

Once you’re all organized, all that’s left is to stand back and enjoy. I really do love a good organization project. What do you want to see next?

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