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I love BLUSH!! Seeing a dewy wash of color on my cheeks lifts me up. Growing up my Grandma always had a lil pop of color on her apple cheeks and let me tell you she was SO CUTE, oh my goodness!! I bet she felt the same way!!  I am obsessed with all the gorgeous cream blushes that have found their way to my beauty drawer!! Cream blush is not just having a moment, babes. There are many formulations being thoughtfully created by beauty brands that are infused with skincare ingredients so that your skin can look and be its best. 

Favorite Cream BlushesWHY I PREFER CREAM BLUSH?

For me, I love that I have more control of the intensity. I can easily build up the color using my fingers or a brush. They give me that color payoff that lasts all day. The beauty is, cream blush melts into my skin rather than sitting on the surface which ultimately looks more natural. 


Because I have oily skin I always struggled with powder blush looking lovely as it oxidized with my natural oils throughout the day. Like I would apply way too much…in an attempt to see the color payoff, thus leaving me like a clown by the end of the day. I also found that no matter what color or brand I used they all kinda looked the same on me. 


My Top 5 Favorite Cream BlushesI am extremely fortunate that I am gifted products by literally all my favorite brands!! It is an continuing honor to be the first to not only try products, but to share my experience using them so you darlings can have my first hand review. It was so difficult to narrow it down to just 5 BUT without further ado here are the current 5 cream blushes I have been reaching for the most: 

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

Babes add this to cart IMMEDIATELY!! I have been raving about Rare Beauty Liquid blush since it launched!! Radiant long lasting color that sinks into skin.  Just one drop is WOWEEE!!   A little bit goes a long way for sure.  Ain’t nobody making a blush like this. Even Allure agrees, awarding it the Allure Best of Beauty award for 2022. CONGRATS and a big hug to the Rare Beauty team for creating a product that is flattering on ALL skin tones!!  I love and wear ALL the colors!!!

Rose Inc Cream Blush Refillable Cheek & Lip Color

You babes know I love me a good multi-purpose product!! It is absolutely brilliant that Rose Inc created their blush to be used on cheeks, eyes and lips. The pigment is rich, a little goes a long way. Per my cream blush requirement, rather than sitting on the surface of your skin this one melts into your skin for an effortless, natural finish.  All the colors are kinda like a natural flush only better!! Did I mention that they are refillable?! What I like to do is pop the colors in and out of a palette depending on what I’m using atm. 

Make Beauty Heat Stroke Dewy Gel Cheek Tint

My brilliant and talented friend Carrie Barber behind Make Beauty has blown me away with literally EVERY SINGLE product she drops!! Each formulation is so special…you feel special interacting with her brand at every touch point. Not one element was left out of the product creation process. Heatstroke is a gel-cream formula but in a stick applicator.  So with this one you can rub it directly on to your cheek, pat your brush on it, or do like I do and rub a bit on the back of your hand and tap your brush to diffuse the intensity a bit. What I love the most: super duper hydrating, the colors are gorgeous on my skin tone; and the colors meld seamlessly with my skin.

Make Beauty Heat Stroke Dewy Gel Cheek Tint Shade Inflamed

Wearing Make Beauty Heat Stroke Dewy Gel Cheek Tint in Shade: Inflamed

Tower 28 BeachPlease Lip + Cheek Cream Blush

Allure Beauty gave my Tower28 family a 2021 Clean Beauty Award because this product is simply the best!! Another multitasking cheek, eye, lip product – I cannot go more than a day or two without reaching for a TW28 blush. I am so impressed with the color payoff, the lasting radiant finish, and the fact each of the colors lay so beautifully on my skin tone!! 

Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tint

I remember the first time I bought Jillian Dempsey cheek tint. I wanted to gift May a few choice selects from Violet Grey for her Bday and JD cheek tint was one of them. FYI: Violet Grey is a highly curated beauty retailer that carries beauty brands and products that meet the “Violet Code.” As a beauty junkie I value the hell outta what it takes to build enough street cred to be able to create a ‘cult like’ following that us junkies value!! Anyway babes, this was like 4 or 5 years ago. JD just recently sent over an assortment of their products, cheek tints included. Well my love affair has been renewed!! Still as flattering and easy to use as ever before. These beauties are made with natural and organic plant waxes meaning they’re made with ultra clean ingredients. And you know me, I love popping them on my eyelids and lips as well.

Click on the images below to shop my Top 5 Favorite Cream Blushes. Disclosure: When you shop using the links on this page, my small business earns a small commission.

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