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Having an at-home tea bar has always been a dream of mine! That’s probably because I’ve stayed in far too many hotels. Or maybe it’s from lounging at so many FBOs (flight terminals for private aviation) in my flight attendant days.

At Home Tea stationWell dream come true, darlings! The girls and I created our very own tea bar (with a side of coffee) in our new home. Since we’re all tea lovers it’s the perfect little happy place for the whole family to enjoy. And it’s perfectly stocked with all our favorite essentials for the perfect cup of tea. 

Click on the links below to shop my tea bar essentials. Disclosure: When you shop using the links on this page, my small business earns a small commission.

My Recommended Coffee & Tea Electronics:

+ Nespresso Machine

+ Nespress Milk Frother

+ Tea Kettle

Coffee Tea BarCoffee / Tea Bar Essentials:

+ Mini Coffee Waste Bin

+ Sugar Shakers  – I use for honey & agave. Here’s a similar sugar dispenser sold on Amazon.

+ Mini Cutting Board

+ Large Cutting Board

+ Table Lamp

+ Tasting Spoon

+ Olivewood Spoon

+ Electric Matcha Whisk

Favorite Teas:

Rishi Masala Chai Tea

Itoen Matcha Green Tea with Ginger

+ Yogi Peppermint Tea

+ Yogi Tea Honey Lemon Throat Comfort

+ Yogi Kombucha Green Tea

+ Harney & Sons English Breakfast Tea

Caudalie Organic Herbal Tea

Favorite Nespresso Flavors:

+ Bianco Leggero

+ Double Espresso Chiaro

Our coffee/tea bar is quickly becoming one of our favorite areas in the house! Do you have a happy space in your home?

  1. Martha Kramer says:

    I love everything about this! As a tea drinker, don’t know why I never thought of it. On my list now. (Also love the list of teas – I start every day with Harney’s English breakfast tea.

  2. Lia O says:

    I am definitely a tea connoisseur! I have an area for my teas, coffee press, and kettle. I love your arrangement! It is a sophisticated look than a hotel lounge but in the comfort of home! Beautiful!

  3. Julia N says:

    I’m such a coffee head, but I do enjoy tea as well. I love this idea for my coffee bar, with a side of tea! 🙂

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