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I f*cking LOVE having a cute manicure. A chipped nail or a bad paint job seriously bums me out LOL. It wasn’t until the pandemic that I remembered how much I love doing my own nails!! You see, in my flight attendant days I had to get gel manicures simply for the fact that I was always traveling and needed my nails to last while on the road. But once the pandemic hit and all the nail salons closed shop, I was able to rekindle my passion for at home manicures.

At Home ManicuresNow I must confess I have high standards with how I like my nails to look. To me, nails are more than just a body part – they’re the perfect accessory and can really help elevate any look. I pour all of my creative energy into details like my nail’s shape and color. Every time I look at them I feel like the happiest gal. Nails have always been intrinsic to my being. I get lots of questions, like how do you paint your own nails or designs. It really comes down to practice. Trust me darlings, with a little practice you too can paint your own nails in your own unique way. 

I get so many DMs about my nails, so I wanted to create an easy place to share my favorite nail tips and tutorials. 

Top Tips for Strong & Healthy Nails

My At Home Manicure Steps


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How I Shape My Nails 

I don’t know why, but for some reason ever since I switched from square to this shape, my polish doesn’t chip anymore. 


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5 tips to help your precious at-home manicures last 7 days+


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How to: TTL Signature Polka Dot Nails


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Favorite Nail Supplies & Tools

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Favorite Nail Polish Colors of the Moment 

Natural Pinks 


Must have a Whites:

Must Have Red: Opi Big Apple Red🍎

Summer Neon must haves:

Tips for Nail Biters

My daughter Xia has been a nail biter her entire life and as a result her nails are super weak. Over the last year, she has gotten so much better at growing out her nails. Here are some tips that helped her grow healthy nails:

  • Keep polish on nails even if it’s just a base coat. The nail polish really helps stop nail biting. 
  • Nails are like hair, to help them grow you need to trim them regularly!! When nails start to have a little growth over the skin, file them, push cuticles back, and polish. Within a few months of doing this, Xia’s weak nails grew out and became much stronger.  While cutting nails may sound counterintuitive, you have to cut them to help them grow. 
  • Add designs and nail art. Having beautiful nail designs really encouraged Xia to not bite her nails. 

Fast forward and Xia can actually grow nails. She likes to grow them long for about a month then cuts them down to start again.  

Hope you enjoyed my favorite nail tips! Do you do your own nails or go to a nail salon?

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