How to Wear Black in Summer



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Babes when I look at my wardrobe I cannot deny that a large portion of it is black.  That’s because black is effortless and versatile; you simply cannot go wrong. Year after year my black pieces never get old. I pull them out during every season, for any occasion. Black for me is unfailingly ‘in style’.  Black is the unexpected choice during the hotter months, but oh-so fashionable… and I LOVE IT!!  

How to wear black in summer

How to wear black in summer

Now that summer is here, there’s no way I’m gonna turn my back on half my wardrobe. In fact I love wearing my black clothes in summer because I get to mix it up. I have the fabulous opportunity to style my black pieces in ways I don’t get to in Fall and Winter.  Currently I’m having so much fun styling black with the colors of the season.  Like who is this person wearing neon?? Adding a pop of color with a top, bag or shoes is not only “on trend” but feels fresh and modern.  

Best Fabrics to Wear in Summer

The key to making black pieces work in summer comes down to fabrics. In summer we want to wear fabrics that feel good on the skin, look luxurious, and hopefully wear beyond one season.  

  • Linen is an obvious choice because it’s breathable and made from natural fibers.
  • Silk is refreshingly cooling on the skin and is extremely lightweight.
  • Cotton is a staple: it’s absorbent, quick drying and natural. 
  • Viscose has great drape & flow, so when the delicious breeze comes through it will cool you down.  

Black Slip Dress paired with Flip Flops or even a Woven Straw Bag. Chic with a Casual Twist.

Slip Dress with BlazerGet the Look:

Black wide leg pants with a cropped shirt or even a bikini top and any color blazer.

Wide Leg Pants with Cropped TopClick to Shop Linen Trousers

Get the Look:

Black slip skirt with a linen top front tied.

Get the Look:


Black shorts with a white tank and bring that blazer in for a ‘summer suit’ look.

Get the Look:


You see darlings. When it comes to black, the pairings are endless!!!


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