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Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month is such an important month to acknowledge and celebrate, as this community is an integral part of not only our TTL family, but our national community. The month is to celebrate the culture and history of Asian and Pacific Islanders, as they have contributed so much to our society.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month AAPI

In recent years, such as the beginning of the pandemic, xenophobia and aggressive acts towards the AAPI community has tried to outshine their experience. With this in mind, this month serves as a reminder to acknowledge, uplift, and provide a spotlight on these issues, as well as offer a platform to support the AAPI community and businesses. As a mother of children who are a part of the AAPI community, it is imperative that I show my solidarity and some love for the community. For the next week I want to share some of my favorite AAPI content creators here on TTL, as well as some AAPI businesses that I love!  

Aimee Song | Shop Song of Style | @aimeesong

Aimee Song is one of the industry greats! As one of the O.G. influencers, Aimee has paved the way for so many of us to do what we do today. With her incredible fashion sense, it’s no surprise that she started her own clothing line Song of Style x Revolve. And of course, everything is gorgeous! 


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Chriselle Lim | Shop Phlur | @chrisellelim

Chriselle is not only an industry veteran, but is also one of the most witty gals around and a certified badass! As a fellow mom of two daughters, I cannot help but see her as a kindred soul! I find her authenticity to not only be attractive, but something I find myself having a deep connection with. From her funny “rich mom” skits to her day-in-the-life vlogs, Chriselle has become a modern “Renaissance Woman”! And she’s a bad ass boss babe too, with her very own fragrance line, Phlur and co-founder of Bumo Parent, an on-demand children center . Be sure to check her out babes!


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Marianna Hewitt | Shop Summer Friday’s | @marianna_hewitt 

Marianna is not only an incredible influencer, but an entrepreneurial genius! Taking her passion for skincare to the next level, Marianna co-founded her own skincare brand Summer Fridays, which has been such a delight to use! Marianna has continuously been someone I enjoy seeing evolve as her business grows, and I can’t wait to see her flourish even further!


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Wendy | @wendyskin 

Wendy is so refreshing, authentic & so freakin’ cute. She has a way of sharing that just pulls me in and captivates me. She’s a natural on camera and I always feel like I’m in the room with her when she’s sharing skincare. Even though she’s so much younger than me, I find her so /relatable. So proud to be a fellow #SephoraSquad member with her!


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Sheryl Luke | walkinwonderland.com | @walkinginwonderland 

Sheryl is the definition of casual elegance! With her effortless streetwear looks, and exciting lifestyle, she has become one of my favorite people to pop up on my feed! As a full time lifestyle-blogger I find her blogs to not only be sincere but purposeful. She’s so fabulous and I am completely obsessed with her whole vibe!


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Steph Hui | @stxph.h

I recently had the pleasure of discovering Steph, through my daughters as they are obsessed with her TikTok! Since following Steph, I can see why they are so attracted to her radiance! Steph has a little bit of everything to offer, from her bold and stunning makeup looks, to her cute “get ready with me” videos. I’m so excited to see what other new fun trends and looks she tries!


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Michelle Phan | Shop Em Cosmetics | @michellephan

Michelle is one of the ultimate O.G. YouTubers’ success stories, who truly defined what being a beauty vlogger is. After taking some time off for a couple years from the social media and YouTube world, Michelle has reemerged with more wisdom and fresh perspective on the beauty industry. From her amazing makeup brand, EM cosmetics, to her new endeavors into the cryptocurrency realm, Michelle has shown that you can always learn and find joy in new areas!


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Catie Li | @catieli

Catie is a stunning model and content creator that I find myself really drawn to. Her content is not only wonderful because of its body positivity message, but because she has this lustrous aura that is truly captivating! Her curvy styling tips and success as a model bring me so much joy to watch and it’s such a joy to see her impact on changing the industry’s standards! 


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Christina | @Barefacefemme

Christina is not only a beautiful young lady, but is genuine in her approach to discussing skin. Through her instagram she has created a safespace for those who struggle with PCOS, acne, and mental health. Her realness with her journey is so beautiful, as she is opening up these important discussions with the world, allowing for not only herself, but others to begin to embrace their skin types. Her fearlessness makes the mommy side of me so proud!

Maytinee Visuddhidham | @star.powerr

I saved the best for last babes. My very own bb!! Having just wrapped up a fashion design program, May has begun her journey towards her newfound brand Already Vintage. As she embarks towards her goals and aspirations, she continues to be a driving force behind her own dreams and TTL. Being May’s mom has been one of my greatest accomplishments, and now seeing her flourish as her own woman has become one of my greatest joys. May’s visual ability to conceptualize a project and bring it to life from its inception to its completion is truly awe-inspiring. With her drive, I’m excited to see her employ all her beautiful talents for her future endeavors!


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