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You babes pop into my DM’s daily inquiring about the jewelry I am wearing, so this blog is long overdue for sure!! Building a jewelry wardrobe has been a goal of mine for years.  No matter your style, having key jewelry pieces will elevate your outfit.  They in fact elevate the spirit as well.  I wear jewelry everyday of the year!! For example, like during lockdown, putting on earrings added a bit of normalcy and beauty to my life.  

Jewelry StaplesNow I only wear gold jewelry. It compliments my skin tone and frankly looks luxe!!  Babes, can you believe that someone once said to me ‘shouldn’t you be wearing silver jewelry since your hair is white?’ Say what??!!  Uhhh, wear what makes you feel beautiful!!  That is my rule in life.  I think gold looks fabulous with my silver hair PERIOD!! 


I am most attracted to small or delicate gold jewelry.  These pieces are all considered fine jewelry, as they are made from 24k gold. 

Beaded BraceletsLeft hand:

My engagement ring is custom made from a family heirloom diamond from Mike’s family.  It has been worn by someone in his family for over the last 100 years, the last being his Dad before he passed away.  Because it’s a heirloom I chose a design that is somewhat vintage yet timeless…what better shape than a flower?  The center stone is surrounded by a ring of rose gold inlaid with diamonds as well as the “petals” and band.  On the same finger I wear a very simple wedding band. 

Right hand:

I swear I have the skinniest fingers!!  And I do wish I was more into wearing rings, but for now I love my little delicate chain link gold ring.  It is so lightweight and comfortable I don’t even know it’s there!!

Left wrist: 

I wear gold-filled beaded bracelets that are stretchy and compliment any outfit. I also wear a freshwater pearl bracelet. It adds a pop of white and it is super cute!!  I usually wear a cuff bracelet everyday as well, like this stacking cuff bracelet x Soko. 

Right wrist: 

I am still building my wrist stack, so for now I wear a single gold curb chain bracelet.


My most asked about piece by far is the gold beaded necklace I wear daily.  It is so incredibly special to me, as it was a gift from my ex-father-in-law over 20yrs ago.  He is from Thailand and in his culture it is traditional to give gifts of gold to family members so they always have something of value. Oftentimes they melt down jewelry, add more gold and have a new piece made thus increasing the value. So when he asked me what I wanted my necklace to look like I said ‘little beads’.  Originally my necklace had a buddha pendant attached, but over the years with moves and such sadly I lost the buddha.  During my last move I rediscovered the chain so I was like you know what, I’m gonna wear it without the buddha!! Along with my Thai necklace I wear a small curb chain that rests just inside it. 


Now that I have 3 piercings I like to rotate my earrings.  But I am currently obsessed with colorful enamel hoops so I added a pink hoop x Brennan Studios to my last hole. 

Acrylic EarringsMUST HAVES

Link chains

I love chain necklaces!!  Fine delicate ones, chunky ones, or flat ones – you simply cannot go wrong!!

Pendant chains

When building a layered necklace situation pendant chains are a fabulous way to add a bit of interest.  Like initials, or a cross or astrological sign can be very cute!! I must say I don’t currently wear them mainly because they get tangled up with my other necklaces.  Wish I knew how to prevent this!!


Because I have big curly hair I prefer hoops so you can actually see them.  So for me various sizes of gold hoops are essential. The larger hoop earrings (and the personalized chain link necklace) I’m wearing in the photo below are x Soko Jewelry

Everyday Jewelry Favorites


Omg lovies I am so looking to up my huggie game!!  Huggies along the curve of ears is so beautiful to me!! For years I only had 1 single piercing in each year, basically from birth.  Back when I was born Doctors would pierce ears, can you imagine!!?? But funny enough I was 14 when I had my last piercing – it was in my nose (trust me it was not cool back then ;)) and it took me nearly 3 decades, age 41, to finally add 2 new ear piercings and I LOVE THEM!!  While I no longer wear my nose piercing I cannot wait to get going on creating a signature ear stack aesthetic.  Like I think I want pave diamond huggies and then sometimes I want super fine gold hoops.  I dunno!! LOL. For now I leave this category with major room to grow.


As I said, I wish I was more of a ring wearer but I’m not.  I recently received a chic dome ring from Young Frankk, which I’ve worn a couple times on the same finger as my chain link ring, somehow they balance each other IMO.  I do love seeing rings on other people, I just never felt like it would be equally as lovely on me.  One of these days I’ll get over myself and add more rings to my jewelry wardrobe LOL!!

Classic Rings

Where I Shop Jewelry

I mostly shop small and sustainable jewelry brands. Some of my favorite jewelry brands are:

  • Mejuri
  • Brennan Studios
  • Mod Earth
  • Young Frankk
  • Soko Jewelry
  • Laura Lombardi
  • Luv AJ
  • Five & Two Jewelry

I’ve got a few discount codes for you that I’ll share below. I’ll keep updating them here as I get more.

    • Brennan Studios: Use promo code GoldenTTL for 20% off any single item.
    • Mod Earth: Use promo code TTL25 for 25% off your purchase (excluding gold-filled jewelry).
    • Soko Jewelry: Use promo code TENNILLE20 for 20% off your Soko purchase.
    • Young Frankk: Use promo code TENNILLE15 for 15% off. Valid on all products excluding sets. Expires  05/15/2022

Sustainable Jewelry

That’s a wrap on my latest jewelry favorites. Now my question for you is, do you like gold jewelry or silver? Or both?? Comment below.

Hope you darlings had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend!

  1. I’ve always loved gold but in more recent years started favoring silver! My question is, how do you know which compliments your skin tone more?

  2. Adero says:

    I wear both gold and silver but I favor gold with my brown skin town

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