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There are many rituals this skincare junkie has adopted over the years.  And I must say dermaplaning is the only one I was super skeptical about trying.  Even my daughters tried it before me!!  In my mind I was like, “am I gonna grow a beard??” Lord I would be the one!!

Dermaplaning at HomeWhat is Dermaplaning?

To keep it short and to the point, dermaplaning is simply removing the peach fuzz & top layer of dead skin from your face with a fine razor.  This treatment used to only be available by an aesthetician but now there are many safe at home options on the market.

Why do it? Benefits of Dermaplaning

Exfoliating is an essential step in a skincare routine to remove buildup and prevent clogged pores.  Well it turns out that dermaplaning is suped up exfoliating.  Because I have oily skin and I’m prone to clogged pores I have to be on top of exfoliating regularly.  Truthfully, I began dermaplaning because I received a DermaFlash as a PR gift. While I was reluctant to try, one day I finally said f*ck it, I’m gonna try!! What’s the worst that could happen? I could always rename myself the Bearded Lady.  LOL 


  • Exfoliates the skin;
  • Results in smoother & softer skin;
  • Can help improve the appearance of the texture of skin: softening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, or acne scars; and
  • The lack of hair helps makeup lay better on your skin.

I LOVE how my skin feels after a treatment – like brand new!!  Soft, smooth, and radiant.  I feel like my skincare products and absorb better too.  I’m so glad that I finally warmed up to it!!

How Often Should you dermaplane?

I wish I could say I have a precise schedule, but the truth is, I break out my DermaFlash whenever I see the fuzz on my face get long again.  So I’d say around every 6-8 weeks.  Although I have read you can safely do it every 3-4weeks. 

How to Dermaplane

How to Dermaplane at HomeMy Technique using my DermaFlash Device:

  1. Cleanse face.
  2. Turn on device at lowest setting (if using a DermaFlash).
  3. Hold device at a 45 degree angle.
  4. I like to begin at my jawline just beneath my ear and gently glide the edge along my skin.
  5. I repeat this process on both sides of my face, stopping just under my cheekbone. 
  6. Then I do my mustache area. 
  7. Moisturize face with a dry oil, or a serum with hyaluronic acid, or a lightweight moisturizer.

** Skin may be a bit sensitive after a treatment so avoid any chemical or physical exfoliants for a couple days.  And be sure to moisturize and apply SPF to help with any sensitivity. 

Linking my DermaFlash device below along with my favorite skincare products for my dermaplaning routine.

Note: My small business may earn a small commission when you shop using the links below.

Dermaplaning Myths

I personally had lots of misconceptions about dermaplaning. Here are some of the myths I’ve debunked based on my own personal experience.

I’ll grow a beard

No, hair does not grow back any thicker.  I’m sure there are one offs but I promise you babes my hair grows back the same every time.

It’s going to hurt

Nope, it does not hurt :))

I’ll cut myself

The at-home razors are very safe.  Just be sure to go slowly and replace the blade after 1-2 uses. 

It’s not for darker skin tones

Dermaplaning is great for darker skin tones and doesn’t irritate the skin. The exfoliation leaves my skin looking brighter and smoother.

It’ll Cause Breakouts

Nope! The exfoliation actually does the opposite. I find that it can help prevent breakouts & clogged pores.

So now that you know more about dermaplaning, do you think you’ll try it?


  1. LisaK says:

    How is this different from using a regular shaver?

    • Tennille says:

      Hi Lisa! A shaver is specifically designed to remove hair whereas a Dermaplaning device is designed to remove dead skin to promote blood circulation and cell turn over. The peach fuzz removal is just an added bonus. Using a shaver on your face will more than likely result in the hair growing back thicker which doesn’t happen with a dermaplaning device.

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