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Instagram made me do it babes!! I have seen everybody and their Mama on social media posting selfie after selfie at the Cara Hotel.  This boutique hotel has come on the scene as the IT location with their coveted ‘gramable’ aesthetic that has us all flocking to experience it first hand…me included!! 

Cara RestaurantSo ya girl reserved a table at the Cara Restaurant to see what the hype was all about. Basically 1 week later I booked a room for a 2 night stay.  That should tell you something; I was so impressed with that singular dinner,  I was like I need to have the FULL Cara experience! What can I say…I’ve been influenced. 

Located in the heart of LA just north of Hollywood Blvd. and south of the beautiful Los Feliz hills you find Cara.  I know this corner of LA very well – my family and I call it Thai Town.  You see, before Cara classed up the area, this borough of LA was best known for the most authentic Thai establishments in the city.  AND in case you didn’t know, my daughters are Thai so as you can imagine I am not exaggerating when I say we came to this particular block weekly when they were younger.  Part of me was like, no way can there be a hotel like that in the area!!  But yep babes, over the last 25yrs times have changed and so has the neighborhood. 

Cara Hotel Overview

Darlings as someone that used to clock over 100 night stays a year in hotels all over the world I am very versed in what makes that stay memorable.  Cara Hotel gives resort vibes the moment you pull up; very South of France meets Turks & Caicos.  I mean babes once you set foot inside this hotel you are transported. The beautiful arched entrance pulled me right in.  I love that it doesn’t feel like a hotel at all, rather a grand home. 

Courtyard at Cara RestaurantThe 2 story property wraps around a tranquil, lush courtyard housing the Cara Restaurant; boasting a neutral color palette as a backdrop with 100 year old olive trees wrapped with twinkle lights; groupings of tables and iron chairs with pristine white cushions; palm trees galore; and at the center of it all a summer-y aqua blue reflective pool.  With all that being said, the overall feeling is quite relaxed and LA chic. 

Yes the hotel is aesthetically pleasing, but for me the more important quality lies with the people that work there.  As a guest, I found the hospitality to be 11/10!!  As someone with a hospitality background I am always appreciative of being on the receiving end of gold star service. 

Cara Hotel LobbyIt is a small hotel but it is very clear that the individuals that work there take pride in their roles.  Meeting and anticipating guests’ needs graciously.  For example, on the first night after dinner in the restaurant I asked for hot water to take to my room (you know I gotta have my Yogi peppermint tea after dinner) which they provided.  The second night as we came in from a night out, we were welcomed back in the lobby and immediately asked if we would like hot water again.  Now this may seem like a small gesture, but for me it isn’t.  It shows they care; that my needs as a guest are met and anticipated.  At every touch point while on the property, the staff make you feel welcomed and comfortable.

Room & Accommodations

I chose the Cara hotel because its location was central to the work events that Carol & I  were attending AND of course because I was influenced…LOL!!  When I made the reservation I requested 2 beds but little did I know, the Cara does not have double rooms. Ahhh,  now I know.  Fortunately, Carol is like my sister so sharing was no biggie.  All the rooms appeared to look out onto the courtyard, which was so lovely. Private Balcony Room at Cara Hotel


  • Great location to get around the city. Ideal for stays when you will be out and about during the day.  I feel like the rate is more than fair for the overall accommodations.
  • The aesthetic was beautiful of course!! Neutral & fresh.
  • The LINENS are fabulous!!  Babes, they have Frette linens. If you have never experienced Frette then a stay at the Cara is a great place to snuggle up in luxury bedding. 
  • Ideal for a single or couple.  
  • Loved having a balcony.  Made for great lighting and of course for taking photos. 
  • In room dining was lovely!! Very prompt and attentive.  The balcony makes for a relaxing brekkie moment. Breakfast Menu at Cara Hotel


  • The room was on the small side, reminding me of hotels in New York City.
  • The bathroom lacked layout space for my skincare and makeup, which if I’m being honest, is a must for me.  But I made do. 
  • Sadly, the walls are quite thin.  You can hear guests in neighboring rooms and because the courtyard is the restaurant, noise from below carries right into the surrounding rooms.  Fortunately I can sleep through anything so it did not affect me in the slightest, but if you are early to bed or wake at the sound of someone else’s alarm you might be peeved off. 

Cara Restaurant Dining

The Cara Restaurant is fabulous!  It’s the kind of place where you can get dressed up, put on those Jimmy Choos you’ve been dying to wear or you can be chic low key with jeans and Air Force 1’s.  You will literally see the full spectrum of dress as everyone chills in the fashionable courtyard. And babes, they are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, yes even during the week.  Again, this fact alone makes me super happy.  I love when hotels make it easy to eat during your stay – and the food is damn good to boot!! 

Olive Trees at Cara RestaurantIn fact, the Cara restaurant and Bar is an LA hot spot – it is poppin’ at night!!  I think the restaurant is WHY people come to the hotel.  I have truly missed the feeling of going out meeting friends and this is the perfect location to reconnect.  The menus are  thoughtfully well rounded highlighting fresh seasonal ingredients. There is a bit of something for everyone.  If you’re like me, order a bunch of items to share.  All the dishes I have tried are crave-able…like you will want to go back again and again for your favorites…I know I will!!

Brekkie Faves:

  • Sunrise Smoothie
  • Chia Pudding with fresh Grapefruit made with oat milk
  • Avocado toast – they used grilled bread…mmmmm…a bit smokey too!In Room Dining Cara Hotel Breakfast

Dinner Faves: 

  • Avocado, Beet & Grapefruit Salad
  • Grilled Organic Maitake Mushrooms in champagne vinaigrette

Dishes Everyone in my Party Enjoyed:

  • Lemon Pasta
  • Butternut Squash Agnolotti
  • Burrata with peppers
  • Fingerling Potatoes

*Note the menus are seasonal, changing from month to month. 

Our two night stay went by far too quickly. This staycation was everything I needed and more. It reminded me how much I miss traveling, getting dressed up,  and indulging in  great food with the company of great friends. I’ll definitely be back soon!


  1. Cynthia says:

    Thank you so much for your very detailed reporting on your staycation at yhe Cara Hotel, complete with pros and cons. Can’t remember when I was last in LA but this hotel is definitely on my list when I am next there. Keep living your best life!!!

  2. Keisha says:

    Great information. Love how you give pros & cons. Thank you

  3. Keisha says:

    Great info. Looks so beautiful. Love how you gave pros & cons. Thank you

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