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It’s January so of course the gyms are packed with a surge of newcomers ready to take on their New Year’s resolutions. That also means that within a month or two the crowds will die down and many will have given up on their resolutions altogether. So how does one avoid that fait? Here are some ways I stay on track with my fitness goals.

5 Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Goals

+ Focus on specific action items and less on the outcome. For example, for the last two years I gave myself an ab challenge. Rather than setting a goal like, I want six pack abs, I instead focused on completing specific action items within a timeline: Complete my ab circuit 5 x week for 12 weeks.

+ Keep your goals realistic. For my routine, completing an ab circuit 5 x per week was challenging but certainly well within my capacity. And since I’m task oriented, having specific action items to complete made it easy for me to stay on track. Had I focused on a broad goal like “6 pack abs”, I would never have had a daily sense of completion and accomplishment.

+ Find someone to make you accountable. For me, all of you were my accountability partners. I made a promise to share my weekly workouts on IG with all of you each week. Knowing that you all were following along and using those workouts each week, motivated me and kept me going.

+ Celebrate your wins and milestones. Each week was one week closer to my goal and I loved celebrating that with each of you every week. At the end of the 12 weeks, I could look back at my video progress and really see my results over time.

+ The most important thing for me when setting goals is the consistency. Consistent effort towards anything over time will always bring results. Working out consistently is pretty much a lifestyle for me but setting specific goals and challenges in my routine makes it fun. Working out is how I manage stress and show myself love everyday so that consistency is important for me.

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