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I’ve got a special treat for you lovies! I’m so excited to share that I have partnered with @Tula to bring you Tennille Murphy’s Ageless Skincare Kit! That’s right, I love Tula’s The Cult Classic Cleanser and Wrinkle Treatment Drops retinol alternative serum so much that I had to put it in a kit with my name on it! Even better yet, I worked out a special bundle rate for you to get 20% off PLUS an additional 15% off this limited edition kit when you use my promo code TENNILLE. Valued at $110, you can get the kit for $76.50 after my discount. That’s a huge savings so go grab yourself a kit while supplies last! CLICK HERE TO SHOP!

Ageless State of Mind: Tennille Murphy’s Ageless Skincare Kit x TULATennille Murphy’s Ageless Skincare Kit x TULA

TULA is a doctor founded skincare brand that makes clean & effective products. I love that all of the products are made with probiotic extracts & superfoods to feed my skin all the good stuff! TULA’s goal is “to inspire confidence by focusing on a healthy balance inside and out” and they believe that “beauty is confidence not perfection.” I couldn’t think of a better partner that aligns so closely with our mission here at TTL. 

Here’s a little more details on what you get in my kit:

  • TULA The Cult Classic purifying face cleanser: I’ve been using this gel based cleanser for 2+ years now. It’s so effective at gently removing my makeup and impurities in my oily skin. I love that my skin never feels tight or stripped. And good news babes, a little bit goes a long way with this cleanser. A single bottle lasts me for months!
  • TULA Wrinkle Treatment Drops retinol alternative serum: This retinol alternative encourages skin renewal to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and provide antioxidant protection. After over 4 weeks of using this serum my skin feels deeply conditioned and nourished. I can already see a difference in my forehead — it looks smoother and firmer!
  • This all comes in a super cute #EmbraceYourSkin kit bag with a custom sticker sheet.

In addition to my personal kit you can shop 4 other discounted kits made by four fabulous and inspirational ladies. Each kit targets different skin tones, types and textures including:

Be sure to head on over to TULA.com to check them all out and take advantage of this amazing discount while supplies last!

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