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A couple weeks ago over on Instagram we did a poll asking for your feedback for the content topics you darlings wanted to see from TTL.  One recurring topic was, -Can you please share your go-to wardrobe basics?-  Firstly, thank you so much for dropping us lots of great content ideas, I mean we are here at the pleasure of our audience.  So without further ado let’s jump into this. My Wardrobe Basics

Right now, while spending a ton of time at home I have been updating my wardrobe basics to fill the gaps for my stay-at-home wardrobe.  The fact is even though I’m staying at home I still wanna be cute, feel fashionable, AND be comfy too!!  When I am shopping for “basics” I stick to black, white, and sometimes grey or camel colors.  My approach is to up-style my “basics” with shoes and jewelry. So while my picks are not the “classic” wardrobe staples that I might normally suggest they are certainly of the moment and will transition seamlessly into my post-quarantine lifestyle.

Wardrobe Basics

Wide leg knit pants

Babes, wide leg pants are in my opinion the most flattering style especially for us ladies with hips and booty.  Like hello, did you see Michelle Obama at the inauguration!!??  Her outfit was perfect!!  Obviously wearing trousers at home ain’t gonna happen, in lieu I have been loving wearing soft knit wide leg pants.  Not quite sweats and not quite trousers, like they’re the perfect happy medium.  Truly you can throw on a T-shirt, a knit sweater, or even a sweatshirt and instantly feel put together and look cute as hell!!

Knit Dress 

Knit dressIn the last several months since quarantine my knit dress collection has tripled!!  LOL!! Super comfy and supremely flattering.  Not too mention they will get lots of use in the years to come. I buy 3 basic styles: Tank, long sleeve, and henley.  I love button knit tops. It adds a bit of sexy to an otherwise simple piece.  I can style a knit dress in so many ways!!  One of my first Styled to T episodes was how to style a simple black tank dress.  They can be dressed up or down; you can pair a knit dress with a sweater or cardigan; they can be worn with boots, heels, sandals, or sneakers; you can tie a button up shirt over it; like there are so manys to transform this rather basic garment.


Body suit and wide belt detailI have to admit, for years I have been anti-bodysuit.  I’ve always felt like they cut into my butt funny and can be downright uncomfortable.  BUT I am happy to say I am a convert.  Now I only wear them with certain bottoms like lounge pants or trousers, but how do I love the seamlessness of a good bodysuit.  I have been shopping them from a few sources, but babes what can I say, I love the bodysuits from Zara.  They fit my butt well, are affordable, and suit my “basic” style.  Additionally, I only buy white and black.  I know myself, if I go for another color they will not get worn.  

Click to shop Zara Bodysuits:

High Waisted Black Pants with Wide Belt

High waist trousers and wide belt | Wardrobe BasicsFor those days when you are gonna leave the house a must are high waisted trousers with a wide belt.  Not only are they on trend (ahem let’s go back to Michelle Obama) they NEVER go out of style. I’m 5’6” just tall enough to do cropped pants.  Now I do not have long legs, my torso is definitely where I get my length but cropped pants give me the illusion of being taller.  Add in a higher waist now I look way taller than I actually am.  The added touch of a wide belt will give any outfit extra bit of posh.  I like to pair my high waisted pants with basics like a simple body suit or T-shirt and heeled boots.

Click to shop Zara Pants: High Waisted Belted Pants

Smooth Knit Maxi Cardigans

Maxi cardigan | Wardrobe basics

Give me all the smooth knit maxi cardigans please!! Yes, the distinction needs to be made, I prefer smooth soft knit over lets say cable knit or an open weave.  Nothing makes me feel more polished while wearing my knit sweats or a maxi dress than a cozy long robe I mean cardigan!! LOL!!  But seriously it’s like wearing a robe all day, I’m here for it. 

Click to Shop Zara Long Knit Coats:

Knit Skirt

Knit Pencil SkirtAs they say it’s sweater weather, meaning give me all the knit clothes I can wear at one time!!  We got wide leg knit pants, maxi cardigans, and actual sweaters so it follows that I’ve added a knit skirt to my wardrobe. Think pencil skirt except soft, and yes, cozy.  I love pencil skirts, very feminine and frankly made for curves.   I love to style mine a bit edgy with lug boots and a sweatshirt for a stylish yet modern pairing.

These simple wardrobe basics are certain to elevate your at-home look! What are your favorite wardrobe basics?

  1. I love everything, thank you ❣

  2. Samantha Morales says:

    This was a great post. I appreciate all of the styling advice. It was well put together and very interesting to follow. I am now contemplating what new pieces I need to add to my basic wardrobe. I’m sure I have enough, but you made me want to check and possibly order. Thank you very much.

  3. Ev Davila says:

    Gorgeous! Especially that chunky gold necklace. ❤️ You have been my inspiration for several new gold pieces. Can you share details on that gem, Darling? Thank you!

  4. Ev Davila says:

    Loved every single outfit. And loved the gold link necklace!

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