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Darlings, your girl is in the October issue of Health Magazine!! I’m seriously blushing. When I decided to embrace my grey nearly 20 years ago, I never could have imagined that going grey would get me featured in a magazine.

The Tennille Life featured in Health Magazine
I say this it all the time… going grey is EMOTIONAL! For those of us who have embraced our grey, we all have a very special story to tell. While the journey is so personal to each woman, I’ve realized that the emotions felt throughout the process are so very similar. Health Magazine Silver Hair Feature
Health Magazine did a beautiful job of capturing the silver journey of eight women (myself included!). For most of us who have embraced our grey, we can recall moments of feeling insecure or a fear of being perceived as old. As if we weren’t hard enough on ourselves, we can also recall how others made us feel during the process — from the stares, harsh comments, and even encouragement from our friends and loved ones to cover it up. Finally, there’s the ultimate feeling of liberation and a new found confidence. It truly is the kindest act of self-love when we finally embrace our grey.

Tennille Murphy featured in Health Magazine
I’m so proud to be a part of the silver hair movement. Darlings, go grab yourself a copy of the October issue of Health Magazine to read our personal journey, tips, and beauty advice for the silver lining in going grey!

Health Magazine Feature

  1. Keishsam29 says:

    Well deserved. Let me go pick up an issue ????

  2. Charlotte Barton says:

    Congratulations Ms Tennille. I have been gray for years and don’t intend to dye my hair ever.

  3. Cynthia says:

    T, finally gave myself permission to allow my gray crown to come forth. “Gray is the new black “

  4. Nerissa Cannon says:

    I’ve begun to embrace my silver hair! I used to pluck patches and dye the edges daily. There’s a freedom in owning the change that don’t have to be a challenge!

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