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Picking up where we left off on What it Takes to be a Blogger, I wanted to share my photography gear and equipment. Now I’m not a professional photographer, but in order to build my brand I had to learn how to shoot myself and deliver high quality photos for both sponsored and non-sponsored content. Over the years I’ve built up the gear that has helped me achieve the look I wanted. Now am I saying, buy this gear and you’ll instantly have great photos? Absolutely not. I’ve spent countless hours learning how to shoot myself to get the best photos, but having the right equipment has been a necessary part of the equation.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post but if you make a purchase using the links below, I do earn a small commission.

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My Photography Gear for Blogging

  1. Nikon D7500: A good DSLR is critical for shooting high quality sponsored work. I’ll admit that I definitely don’t use this camera to its full potential but nonetheless it makes me look like a bad ass when technically speaking I’m not. I put in the work to learn how to shoot myself but once I mastered that, this camera helped take my photos to the next level. 
  2. 50 mm prime lens: I use this lens 100% of the time when I’m shooting with my DLSR. This is a great portrait lens and the price is incredible! I can’t emphasize enough how much I LOVE this lens.
  3. Nikon Wireless Remote: Having a wireless remote is just as essential as my camera. If you’re like me and will be shooting your own photos, do not skip on this. This particular trigger fits perfectly in my hand and works seamlessly with my camera.
  4. Soft Box Lighting Kit: If you plan on shooting inside your home, you’ll definitely need a light kit for both still photos and video work. I love that I can work year round and I don’t have to rely on natural lighting. The screens on my soft boxes give my photos a lovely diffused light and this particular kit is pretty easy to use for a novice like me.
  5.  Tripod: This is my every day workhorse tripod that I use when I’m shooting at home. It works great for both my DSLR and video camera.
  6. Sony a5100 Video Camera: I use this camera for my YouTube videos. It has a lovely natural filter. I have to confess that I love the way my skin looks when I use this camera.
  7. Video Light Kit: I use these lights particularly for shooting videos. I love that I can switch between warm and cool light as needed. These work wonderfully for shooting hair videos in my shower!
  8. Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights: Not pictured above, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this mirror. As you know I practically live in my closet some days. Well I absolutely love my vanity mirror. It has both natural and bright light settings and it works great for makeup tutorials.

My Smart Phone Photography Gear

I shoot most of my everyday IG content on my iPhone XS. I like that it’s more authentic and it’s more practical for my travel schedule.


  1. Clip on Selfie Ring Light: I use this selfie ring light when I’m traveling. It works great for taking stories in the evening. For example, I love taking you along with me to dinner when I’m on the road and this light works perfectly for that. It gives the perfect amount of light to illuminate your face and you can even adjust the brightness levels.
  2. Smart Phone Wireless Remote: I can’t work without my iPhone remote! I use it for street style photos, shooting at home, EVERYTHING. I like how this fits in my hand – it’s easy to hide in photos. It has bluetooth technology so it’s super responsive even when I’m standing far away. I’ve actually purchased this specific remote more than once because I love it so much. 
  3. Smart Phone Ring Light Kit: I use this light kit for every single video shoot I do on my phone without fail. I love love love this light ring. It’s an essential part of my shooting day.
  4. Travel Smart Phone Ring Light Kit: I use this to light ring kit to shoot my beauty routines for IG stories while I’m traveling. I don’t use it for photos, but it’s the perfect lightweight ring light for stories.
  5. Table Top Tripod: Basically anytime I’m sitting at my vanity or a table and need to record stories and videos, I am using this table top tripod. I use this tripod most often for  recording beauty/makeup routines and unboxing with my iPhone.
  6. Travel Friendly Universal Phone Tripod: This is my everyday iPhone tripod. I use it to shoot stories in my kitchen or take it along to shoot street style photos with my iPhone. I can’t survive without this!

Each piece of equipment has been a great investment for my business. Keep in mind that I didn’t buy all my photography gear at once. When I encountered obstacles, I sought out equipment to help me solve each challenge. This is the photo and lighting equipment that have worked best for me.

  1. Great info! Thx????

  2. Sasha Marie says:

    Hi! Thank you sooooo much for sharing! I’ve been researching to start vlogging. Have you ever posted YouTube videos using your iPhone? I’m just beginning and I’m curious about the quality vs Sony camera. Thank you again! You’re the cutest!

  3. Leslie Glick says:

    Hi , I too am a FlightAttendant. I am in the beauty industry. I freelance as a makeup artist for Estée Lauder. And I’m interested in blogging /vlogging. I just need direction. How to start and where ?

    Thank You Leslie Glick

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